Morning Routine Trial — 1

I always encounter with some posts in the Internet like “Change your morning routine to maximize your performance”, “Morning habits of successful people” etc. Then I think about the “mornings”. Do they affect one’s whole day? Probably, if something negative happens in the morning, (your cat is sick, your wheels have blown-out, you missed the school-bus…), it does affect you probably. But I think we undervalue the positive things happen in the morning. Anyway, the thing I am going to mention is not about the “destiny”. I thought that, I can add some little positivities to my mornings and tried that for a week by myself.

After being exposed to some morning rituals posts, I’ve decided NOT to follow one of them. Because, I am not THAT people. I should know about what is better for me and what I need (unfortunately not exactly). Since I couldn’t specify them exactly, I decided to make some trials and errors.

For my first trial, I planned to do :

  • Listen a song in bed, try to feel and move your arms and legs. Through the end of the song, start combing your hair.
  • Go to bathroom and use your face-cleaner.
  • If it is cold outside, sit on the bed, listen another song, do some stretching and look outside the window. If it is not cold, do the same at the balcony.

That was just that simple. Also, I’ve noted the time when I’ve started and ended. Also I shouldn’t make it long because I must be at school at 09:00 everyday.

Monday (07:45 — 08:09)

I did all the things. For starting such an experiment made me feel excited.

Tuesday (07:55 — 8:10)

I did all the things. Feels slightly less meaningful.


I did all the things. Feels indifferent.

Thursday (08:05 — ?)

I didn’t use my face cleaner. Not completed the third point.

Friday ( 07:55–08:19)

I did all the things. Listened more songs. I was thinking deeply. A little bit depressed.

With the help of some introspection, I’ve found :

  • I really enjoyed combing my hair.
  • Using face-cleaner regularly helped me with my acnes.
  • I am not that conscious in the morning.

Sometimes I feel that as it was not my decision to do those, instead they’re obligations from outside. So I become irritated a little bit. I thought that rather than following a strict (?!) routine, I may act spontaneously to feel better. But I know that as I said “I am not that conscious in the morning”.

Anyways, I concluded that, I should find some ways to open up my mind in the mornings rather than doing some meaningless moves to feel better. I will plan something new and share my observations again.