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How to Live a Life of Travel

In your dream world, your job would contain travelling cool destinations with your bag and a laptop, exploring new things and getting to know more about different cultures and people from all around the world. Your working hours would require only couple of hours in a week and could be done wherever you are with internet connection. The salary you earn would be enough for keep travelling forever and your daily life would not consist of driving between your house and work. In the real world you would never have enough time or money to experience world by travelling. The vacations would be limited your annual leave and all the expenses of living in a big city charge you really a lot.

Your budget for travelling need to cover your accommodation, transportation, insurance, food, fun and for the experiences that you could chance upon once in a lifetime. Your new job would be giving information about places, sharing your adventure with the other people and inspiring them for their own adventure. If you describe yourself as an independent, attentive and adventurous person here we are some ways to get paid during your travel !

Hildegunn Taipale instagram : @hilvees

Pack your bag

Make sure you are bringing your essentials like camera, notebook, laptop. Arrange your accessories depending on how long you will be travelling.

Go on an adventure

First, you need to gain you travel experiences! This could contain touring around Europe, hiking in Grand Canyon or exploring sunbathing in Caribbean islands so on.

Hildegunn Taipale instagram : @hilvees

Live your dreams

To make contact with a wide audience via social media or website you should make you experience special for everybody! So try to go deep into the places you’ve been as a local.

Take Notes

You should get into the habit of taking copious notes on the details that others will need to and want to know for their trip. Consider your audience will have a good and safe travel through your guideline.

Write your articles

Your job is reporting places for the others. So they can rely on your word before planning their own travels. You should put yourself in the shoes of guidebook and write more articles as you can.

Spread your content

You should organized your ideas and look for a home for your writing. There are many media channels online and in printed looking for a unique travel content like what you created. You can start writing for a travel website, newspaper or magazine and get paid for travelling. You could even start your own travel blog or website. Writing only in a blog is a main income for many travellers.

Make Followers

Gaining a following involves optimizing your content for search engines such as It also involves promoting your content throughout social media outlets such as and These steps would be a lasting part of your daily routine like writing posts, promoting posts, being active on all social media channels, answering emails and comments, updating my eBooks, adding new pages of information and on.

Get paid to travel

In order to get paid to travel you must now monetize your writing. This involves selling your contents, promoting your blog or accepting freelance writing based on your portfolio and knowledge of the world.