Eric Garcetti accused of concealing police reports last year

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Northridge East Neighborhood Council, Mitchell Schwartz, accused Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles mayor, of “hiding and suppressing police reports last year” by failing to hold his annual press conference to discuss Crime statistics at the end of the year.

As crime rate go up, the mayor continues to be blamed for its increase. Schwartz, who intends to replace Garcetti, said that “public safety is the number one for the mayor and most of the budget,” and attacked Garcetti’s policy, saying “they obviously are not working.”

At a Northridge candidate forum, another candidate, Paul Amori, said that “crime has increased tremendously and has worsened terribly in the last four years, as Garcetti has been mayor.”

Although Garcetti implemented a number of strategies to combat crime, including the addition of domestic violence response teams and the expansion of the Metropolitan Division to serve as a central location to rapidly deploy officers to critical the city, the statistics for 2016 showed the increase in violent crime 10 percent more than the previous year.

Los Angeles’ gang prevention program is usually operated out of the mayor’s office.