Enhance your ICO content with investor research tools

Investors see your ICO. Investors forget your ICO.

How do quality projects standout with so many ICOs competing for attention? This Tweet by Ran NeuNer also aptly describes the sentiments of investors: “It makes my head spin just trying to stay on top of it all.”

Good news. We’ve created better tools to help solve these problems and more.

Apifini is bringing innovative research tools to the ICO space. The newest tool in the box is the ICO List. These lists are a new way for content creators and ICO investors to connect. It’s a seamless bridge between your content and investor research tools.

Savvy investors conduct mountains of research before finalizing their ICO choices. ICO Lists make sure their research tools are available precisely when they’re needed: When potential investors are engaging with your content.

Prevent the “middle space” where investors drop off

Companies that can market themselves increase their odds of going the distance. A successful ICO marketing campaign requires quality content to be created and shared within the community. Apifini Lists help ICOs disseminate their content with an added superpower: They prevent the dreaded “middle space” where interested investors drop off.

Imagine this typical scenario: An investor is browsing on their phone and comes across an article featuring your ICO. Yes! They like the sound of your project and think, “I’ll look into this further when I’m home,” and they close the article. You already know what happens next — A significant portion of these potential investors don’t circle back to your ICO. It’s not that they weren’t genuinely interested. The problem is that so many projects are competing for attention, and most importantly it takes an extra step for investors to follow up. Apifini removes this extra step, eliminating the middle space where people drop off! Apifini tools allow investors to add an ICO to their research portfolio seamlessly.

Whatever type of material you share, with Apifini, investors have the research tools immediately available to them.

We’ve created some examples to illustrate how Apifini combines content + research tools.

Let’s start with essential reading: The Whitepaper. As you can see, we’ve embedded the RSK pdf document into the list. Most importantly, the RSK ICO research tool is located directly below. Anyone reading this Whitepaper can add RSK to their research portfolio instantly. No more waiting for later.

Hot Tip: Link to your Apifini List whitepaper from your website. Give investors an easy way to add your ICO to their research portfolio.

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Add ICOs directly to videos

The high volume of excellent project education on YouTube makes it the go-to research source for many investors.

With Apifini, users can watch videos while interacting with the ICO research panel. Again, removing the middle step where investors drop off.

YouTube Review

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AMA video

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Add ICOs directly to articles

Don’t miss the opportunity to attach the ICOs directly to quality content investors need. Here’s an article providing an intro to the relationship between AI & Blockchain. We’ve added the ICO mentioned in the article as well as a handful of upcoming AI-related ICOs on Apifini. There’s no limit to the number of ICOs you can add to a list.

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Theme Lists

Create feature articles with eye-catching images and original copy. We’ve created a quick Apifini list to share with art-loving investors:

Shareable article & list

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Podcasts are a perfect opportunity to engage potential investors. Embedding your podcast in an Apifini List allows listeners to engage with their investment tools immediately.

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The possibilities with Apifini are endless.

Make it easier for investors to learn more about your ICO, and stay organized, by adding the Apifini research tools directly to your content.

Join us at Apifini.com today to get started!

Did you know? When investors use Apifini to organize and rate ICOs, they also organically contribute to our revolutionary community-driven rating system. Apifini is not an ICO listing & rating site, but we allow the community to determine ratings.

Stay tuned for a post about our up coming ICO content feed where your popular lists will get extra attention! Get a jump on it. Start creating and sharing your lists now!

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Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash