What if ICOs had transparent, community-driven, real-time ratings?

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At first glance, Apifini might look like an ICO listing site… but take a closer look, and you’ll see that here at Apifini we’re solving some major pain-points investors and ICO owners deal with.

Today, let’s focus on one problem: Ratings.

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Problems with ICO Ratings

The ICO space is unfortunately littered with bought or influenced reviews. Social media groups can be falsely populated making an ICO appear to have more community support than it really does.

Even an honest expert reviewer (and there are MANY excellent expert reviewers!) can provide a review that becomes outdated soon after it’s published as new data emerges. A rating is a snapshot of the perceived value of the ICO in that singular moment. A rating today does not necessarily translate to the future. It doesn’t make sense to have static ratings for projects that are continuously developing.

These problems had us scratching our heads. We knew we had to develop a rating system that addressed the many issues creating distrust in ICO reviews.

That’s why: Apifini ratings are 100% neutral, derived from community ratings, and display REAL-TIME data!

Apifini ratings can’t be bought or gamed. Our rating system flags ICOs that try to game the system, removing the incentive to purchase hundreds of fake reviews. Similar to a search engine, our system will watch for patterns and grow smarter over time. Try to game the system and risk a drop in your rating.

We encourage ICO owners to claim their ICOs on the platform and have their community of supporters to rate their ICO on Apifini.

Here’s an example of the rating panel for each ICO:

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Rate ICOs to highlight the gems and expose the fraudsters!

Rating in action:

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Personal ratings are kept private but contribute to the visible community rating.

What makes an expert an expert?

In reality, YOU determine who the experts are and what the rating should be.

The global community of ICO Investors follow people in the cryptosphere who’ve earned trust over time. There are many trusted sources, and we encourage users to continue learning from these sources — whether that’s an ICO rating site, review team, YouTube influencer, or your smart best friend!

Rate ICOs on Apifini with your informed opinion. Ratings are based on the information YOU think is best and use to organize yourself to make wise investment decisions.

Join us TODAY to start creating transparent, community-driven ICO ratings.

Apifini has a mission to shine a light of truth on how a community honestly feels about an ICO in real time. The investor community has become increasingly educated over recent years — It’s time for the collective voice to make an impact on ICO ratings.

Let Apifini help you get organized! Take a deep-dive into Apifini to see our full suite of features designed with the busy investor in mind.

There is so much more to come!

Follow the @ApifiniTeam on Twitter and Facebook to be the first to know about new features and promotions.

Learn more about the vision behind Apifini here.

If you’re interested in a career, investing, or a potential partnership with Apifini, drop us a line at .

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