Investors see your ICO. Investors forget your ICO.

How do quality projects standout with so many ICOs competing for attention? This Tweet by Ran NeuNer also aptly describes the sentiments of investors: “It makes my head spin just trying to stay on top of it all.”

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Good news. We’ve created better tools to help solve these problems and more.

Apifini is bringing innovative research tools to the ICO space. …

What is an Apifini ICO list? So many things.
Use ICO Lists in a way that works for YOU.

+ Keep your ICO research organized
+ Content creation tool
+ Lead tracker
+ YouTube video index tool
+ Shareable ICO review tool

Apifini Lists give you this and much more!

Create as many lists as you’d like. Start by naming your first list:

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Create a list name

Add ICOs to your list:

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Add ICOs to your list

Drag ICOs to organize your list:

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Rearrange your List

Blog style writing tools make it easy to create a professional write up. Each ICO also has a tab for keeping private notes.

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Add a write-up for more detail

Now you’re ready to view your list! …

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“A little boy holding a book with a surprised expression on his face” by Ben White on Unsplash

At first glance, Apifini might look like an ICO listing site… but take a closer look, and you’ll see that here at Apifini we’re solving some major pain-points investors and ICO owners deal with.

Today, let’s focus on one problem: Ratings.

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Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

Problems with ICO Ratings

The ICO space is unfortunately littered with bought or influenced reviews. Social media groups can be falsely populated making an ICO appear to have more community support than it really does.

Even an honest expert reviewer (and there are MANY excellent expert reviewers!) can provide a review that becomes outdated soon after it’s published as new data emerges. A rating is a snapshot of the perceived value of the ICO in that singular moment. …



Simple, revolutionary tools. Manage your ICO investment research with Apifini. [melissa.lanyon@apifini.com]

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