Day 7: How to Evaluate Landing Pages of Today’s Podcast Darlings in 15 Minutes or Fewer

Yes, at one point in my career having worked in 16 business units, I was a digital strategist at a UX firm. This morning, I had 15 minutes before bringing my twins to preschool to make quick UX/wireframe decisions. This is a light evaluation of my findings.

I invested a bit of time scoping out the podcasts with the most viewers or subscribers on iTunes. In my last post, I decided to make my single call-to-action: asking for an iTune review. Good, bad, or indifferent it’s a decision I’ll stick to unless a better alternative arises. Side note: this strategic thinking is how entrepreneurs push forward business ideas.

The podcasts that I perused were the following darlings of the podcast world. Here are my two-cents. I evaluated whether their corresponding landing pages/webpages rocked my world:

The Nerdist

Pro:Images, oh so clickable

Con:SEO, few words

This American Life

Pro: Clean, listen on Apple Podcasts logo

Con: Episodes not displayed

Side Hustle Nation

Pro: Seems easy to recreate, love the opt-in

Con: 3 Subscribes

The Tim Ferriss Show

Pro: It markets itself, read it…it’s proud of its successes just like accomplished job seekers should be as well.

Con: Too many words, likely an SEO play

Stuff You Should Know

Pro: Episode titles are catchy

Con: Didn’t notice a single call to action?


Pro: Right-nav podcast/support buttons are simple, love them

Con: Lackluster images

The Joe Rogan Experience

Pro: The logo stands out

Con: N/A, I was viewing iTunes itself no comment on iTunes’ layout

Dave Ramsey

Pro: Hours are called out in an easy way for listeners to toggle

Con: Wish I could see the semi-darkened images

NPR: Planet Money

Pro: Clever logo

Con: Subscribe dropdown menu

In the interest of time, I went with the cleanest options with a major focus on getting subscribers to iTunes.

To feel productive, I sent my IT guy, named “Guy” in Israel some podcast website page samples. I went ahead and bought Libsyn to host my podcast today using this free trial code from Dave Jackson. I even went as far as providing some of my show notes for episode 1 and 2 to “Guy.”

It was pretty cool to be able to get this out the door before my childcare was hasta la vista.

It was a logistical day.

For now, it’s about crawling when I’ve reached my personal levels of utilization.

Running, when I have idle energy in my reserves.

Coming soon to your earbuds is An Interview With Melissa Llarena the podcast. Can’t wait to overshare even more as my podcast creation journey unfolds.