Day 76: How to Become a Questions Machine (Part 2)

It’s been a year since I wrote part 1 of the questions that I’d love to ask James Altucher.

Since then I’ve listened to two more of his latest podcast episodes so some of my original questions were answered. Although, he didn’t really answer who his comedic hero was when Linda Papadopoulos asked...hence this one is still fair game.

And then there are these 11 new questions…

James Altucher, please let me know when in January I can interview you wherever you are on the UWS of NYC. I”ll be there will metaphorical bells on.

Happy 2018!

  1. You write everyday. How can you tell what should become a book verses what shouldn’t?

2. In an article you wrote about the advice you want to tell your daughters. One piece of advice was that they diversify everything including the advice they listen to. Who are your contrarians? Any of them gotten you to rethink your position on something important?

3. Why do you put yourself in such uncomfortable situations? How do you stop yourself from stopping yourself? Mel Robbins talks about the 5-second rule…ever try that?

4. Are New Years resolutions a bunch of hogwash? Do you make them? Any you’ve kept? Any you’ve dropped over and over? Every year I’ve tried to add color to my wardrobe. It hasn’t happened unless adding different shades of black counts.

5. In what ways can being 50 be better than 40? What have been your biggest learnings during the last 10 years?

6. What have you learned about yourself as a result of your podcast work? From the process to the people you tend to gravitate towards for interviews to the things you find most interesting about people?

7. Where are you going with doing stand-up? Are you trying to become a household name or get over a fear? Why do you do it? Why should someone explore putting themselves out there? What good can come out of it? Anything good come out of it for you?

8. What musicians or bands are on your playlist? Did learning how to DJ change that? Ever daydream as you listen to music? Maybe that you are someone else or doing things that you wouldn’t ordinarily do in real-life? I do hence I ask. When I daydream, I can breakdance like they did in that 1984 Breakdance movie.

9. How do you personally get unstuck — creatively, professionally, personally, literally….lol?

10. What advice would you have given your sons? Would it have sounded any different than the kind you have given to your daughters? I have three sons hence I ask. Side note: it’s interesting to me that James has two daughters and I have only sons. Curious, how our parenting styles have been shaped as a result of parenting only a member of the opposite sex? Something about this idea is compelling….extremely compelling to me. Perhaps, my psychology undergrad degree finds it fascinating…

11. How did you prepare for your TEDxSanDiego talk? I have one coming up in March? I’m scared out of my mind. Any suggestions? I plan on documenting it via video. Yet, before then I want to see how Tim Urban documented or thought about his. Any favorite TED or TEDx talks you’d recommended me watching?

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