Day 2: More Fun: Castrating Cats Or Taking Up GarageBand? Voting Polls Are Now Open

What a simple notion it would be to find and hire a podcast editor.

Learning how to castrate cats ranks about as highly as learning a new tech tool in 2017 for me. “Picking up” GarageBand is as appealing today as is picking up doggie poop. Yet, something tells me that this technical awakening will be inevitable.

I’ll need to learn some new technology because I accepted the “create a podcast now despite not knowing its theme” challenge.

A challenge I accepted from my husband for one reason alone.

I nag him a lot with daily: who did what? and why wasn’t that done? questions so why not use this skill to build an audience. I’m kidding, sorta.

The real reason is that I am a career coach who relishes in asking clients insightful job interview questions. My goal is to help them win brownie points during high-stakes conversations.

So here I am…telling you about my podcast creation journey as a byproduct of this dare.

And on that note, at an entrepreneurship event, I got podcast editing referrals or so I thought.

When I got that lead I thought life could not be simpler and my podcast production journey could not be easier. Woo hoo!

Until, I chatted with this referral who did everything BUT edit podcasts.

Here are those show notes:

Melissa: Hi there, I have two podcast episodes. Do you edit audio files?

Referral: Well, I actually outsource that.

Melissa: Gabriel, Nick, and Noah! Stop running around the house with that lightsaber! Excuse me, my kids are trying to attack me with a lightsaber.

Referral: No problem. I speak Spanish so I understand what you said.

Melissa: Um, okay. So what do you do?

Referral: You see, I’m the go between you, your talent needs, your recordings, and vendors who work on your audio files.

Melissa: Oh, so tell me more.

Referral: If you hire me this is what I can do for you. I can source your talent, schedule interviews, manage your podcast editors, publish your finished audio or video files across channels.

I can even provide you the childcare you’ve always dreamt of. I can also bake you that strawberry apple pie you’ve always wanted.

Okay, the latter is my fabrication. I have no strawberries only wine in my fridge sans wine.

The point is that today I learned that once podcasts became a thing an entire ecosystem arose.

I’ve seen smart opportunists take notice in fads before. Someone always finds ways to add value around popular products or services.

Opportunists offer ancillary solutions, complementary solutions, derivatives of solutions, you name it.

An entire ecosystem is built the second a product, service, or platform becomes a thing.

So here I am, on a Friday night, and still assed out of a podcast editor. I do have a project manager to manage my invisible editorial team? So I guess that’s a win?

…stay tuned to hear how this unedited story unfolds in the next 98 days.