The corporation (in partnership with the mortgage industry and your bank) tethers you to a location to make it harder for you to seek out alternatives.
How To Quit Your Job the Right Way
James Altucher

“The corporation often only hires people who paid $100,000 or more for a piece of paper (a degree) when they were ages of 18 — 22. This tethers you even more because you have to pay back that money or the government comes after you.”

The strategic structuring that is today’s menace to a person’s creativity & passion.

James, this section really spoke to me because I have a 16 yr old son who is introvertedly-brilliant, a steady worker, a kind hearted-soul that does gaming with his friends, programming on his robotics team and bangs out his energy on a drum in marching band. He makes high A’s in school in his AP classes and is in the Jr yr cycle of taking the standard ACT SAT & AP tests that put his round brain into the square hole of disillusion. Meaning, acing those tests, the plan for college and how to “get a job” are all he knows right now. No matter how many times I tell him, “do what you like doing for money”, “you don’t have take on the (college) debt” (for him or me!), “what’s your best idea today?”…the system gets to pound into him daily to “Stay the Course”.

I can’t wait to share with him your words and let him know that I believe in him and he has time (precious time) to figure out his passions and to act on them. To know that his self-esteem is his alone & shouldn’t be sold. To know that electing to take on a debt that will take slave labor to repay (low wages. Time. Boss-directed) might not be the answer to HIS success.

So — thank you. All of the above doesn’t even touch the inspiration I found in your article…so nicely categorized and easy to relate too. The time you took to write it out has been worth it for me and the other commenters!

PS This is the first time I ever was moved enough to write a comment on Medium!