There is strength in numbers

People living with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 encounter challenges at every step — starting with whether they can even get tested. These challenges continue through management and care.

COVID-19 symptoms range from mild, to severe, to fatal. Because a significant number of severe cases require intensive care, the health systems are struggling to understand the disease progression and who is at highest risk as well as anticipate where new outbreaks may be starting.

Monarch is pleased to partner with Pryzm Health on a newly-formed initiative dedicated to empowering people at risk, self-isolating, or living with a possible COVID-19 infection: The platform enables participants and families to create rich descriptions of their condition and its progression over time. The high quality information that people contribute can yield immediate insights for those living with the condition, while also advancing scientific understanding and global definition of these conditions. By addressing crucial information gaps, together we can improve the speed and accuracy of diagnostics, advance the understanding of disease mechanisms, and accelerate development of suitable treatments.

The platform to track your coronavirus/cold/flu symptoms over time. It is ad-free, and participants can download their data in an open format called a Phenopacket (a Global Alliance for Genomics & Health) approved standard). Our aim is to advance scientific understanding in a rapid scalable way. We are willing to partner with anyone collecting data like this from across the world. We also welcome contributions to translate the text into other languages to enable a truly global lens on this historic challenge. To volunteer, go to is dedicated to equitable, global data sharing to support improved health for all people. We thank you for your contribution!

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