Top 7 Life Motivation Hacks For A More Positive Life

The world today can be quite difficult for many people. It’s easy for negative thoughts to enter your mind. Between the economy, the drought and jealous peers, the voices in your head loudly tell you to quit, or that the grand idea wasn’t so great after all. Consider these when looking for that special jolt of motivation.

Surround yourself with the right people

Motivation requires a strong crew. Progressive, positive, resourceful people with ambitions of similar gravity keep you fuelled when low on that initial boost. Keep people around you who can help you, people who understand your vision and are actually willing to make a change. Everything we have in this life is as a result of other people’s involvement in one way or another. Social capital is your most important resource. Improve the quality of people in your life and life itself will improve. It’s not easy to find these people but great things are hardly abundant.

Positive Self Talk

Make a habit of speaking in the affirmative, repeating meaningful quotes and coaching yourself through difficult tasks. Telling yourself “Just two more” can do a long way when you are ready to crack under pressure. Don’t tell yourself you “can’t” or what you “will never” be able to do. Say “I will” instead of “I hope”.

Encouraging Others

When you energize those around you, they’ll have the energy to give it back when you need it. It’s not about getting anything back, either. Form a genuine habit of keeping your people encouraged and energized for the sake of it. The world is bigger than any one of us.

Setting Specific Goals

Once your vision is too ambiguous and vague, it is easy to become demotivated. Life is always throwing things at you, both big and small. Your goals form your map, sail and anchor on staying course to the destination. There will be waves, winds and unforeseen events that make it extremely easy to lose sight of where you wanted to go, especially when you are far out at sea. When the goal is narrowed down and simplified you have a measuring stick and a guide. That goal now can be attained through a particular course of action. If you don’t have an idea where you’re going, you’ll end up going nowhere.

Keep the “Why” in mind

The power of your motive directly maps onto the power of your actions. Always keep your ‘why’ at the forefront of your mind. The ‘why’ brings the goal to life and wakes you up every morning. Write it on a piece of paper and put it on your mirror if necessary. Keep symbols around you that represent what you conceptualize as success; perhaps a dream car, dream house, a hero or champion of yours. You’ll see and feel the difference.

Celebrate little victories

When you achieve something small, it’s important to acknowledge it. Castles are built one brick at a time and the same goes for success. A ‘major leap’ is a series of small events combined, so try to appreciate any little task you complete. All these little tasks will sum over time to create the gigantic success you crave.

Get Some Rest

A nap, a time-bound pause for entertainment or simply changing to another task for a while can give a well needed jolt of focus and enthusiasm. Your enthusiasm profoundly affects the quality of work you do, especially under pressure. It’s imperative to get substantial rest if your work is to be of a certain standard, even if it means going for a walk.