Humans have what my dear co-worker would refer to as ‘special snowflake syndrome’. We tend to think of ourselves as above every other species because of our intelligence and high functionality. We think we are the best, the most wise, the dictators. The truth is that we share this planet with species that have fought just as hard in their own ways to survive and stay afloat amid evolution’s tireless tests. While we might have more complex intelligence than other animals, it does not mean that we have more of a RIGHT to anything. We do not have the right to dominate, exploit, or enslave another species simply because they are different from us. It’s the same reason why we can’t enslave other races, place lesser value on women, or persecute those of different religions. When we believe different means lesser we lose our humanity.
Veganism Is Not About Loving Animals
Caitlin A-C

Your thoughts in this paragraph are so well put; I wanted to say this for so long but never knew how to say it in a decent way. Very nice read so far!

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