When I was 23 and let go from my first office job, I took 2 hostessing shifts a week at an NYC…
Stefanie Williams


I just read your full article posted on the Business Insider… Brilliant article and an even more brilliant response.

As a person who has had to pay many dues in low income jobs, and spent several hours a day questioning my professional worth and purpose this feels all too familiar. There have been many times I have found myself bitching to my friends, complaining about my salary and the things I cannot quite attain..

I find this your response inspiring and it helps me realize the importance of appreciating what I do have, and to keep “reaching for the stars” (as cliche as that sounds.) It helps me to get off my high horse and understand that the world doesnt owe me a thing, if you want a great life work hard for it. Plain and simple. Not everyone is going to be blessed with a handout. Make some sacrifices and fucking go get.

What a great way to provide me motivation in my job. THANK YOU.

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