So nervous, y’allz. Tomorrow I’ll be jetting off.

Right now I’m procrastinating finishing up packing by typing, backspacing and retyping in this little box.

Thankfully, I’m as prepared for this trip as I can possibly be. The last three meals I’ve had have been from all my favorite restaurants, (Valentino’s, Oso Burrito, and The Oven. I didn’t get to go to Super Taco, my number one favorite place, but that’s beside the point, and now I’m boring you with my ‘favorite restaurants’ list.) so really, there’s nothing more to be done. As I type this, I am completely 100% full, my stomach is still stretched out like a balloon, and yet I’m contemplating eating leftovers from The Oven before I go to bed. This is really tough, you guys. I realize the horrible irony in this predicament, as I will be heading out to a region in Ethiopia called the Famine Belt in a few days after we arrive.

Next time you hear from me, I’ll be like, “Guess where I am?” And you’ll be like, “Ethiopia,” and I’ll be all, “Ethiopia!” and we’ll say it at the same time, but I’ll be just a little slower, so there’ll be an awkward cyber silence.

Farewell homeland! Farewell family, friends, even you, enemies! I’ll be back in a short 5 weeks!

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