Organically growing as these women question my sanity and intelligence. Intelligence has been proven and on display for the world to see in search results.

How Facebook Funnels and Fuels Hate in Closed Groups

Good old Facebook not only desecrates any form of privacy but also plays a pivotal role in the peddling of beauty products via closed groups. Groups full of self-proclaimed makeup and skincare lovers reflect shattered ugliness

In these closed groups where women should be helping and empowering one another, they opt to bash other females. Facebook does not consider it bullying; therefore I will not use that word. Facebook preaches against bullying, even, running a campaign asking for donations. They do not put the money to good use.

Instead of Facebook employees moderating these communities, they have self-professed admins. These admins allow offensive words to be spewed about others amongst an array of palettes, lipstick, and mascara. Instead of building one another up, they do the best they can at knocking women down.

What about all of those sales that take place in the groups? The cash exchange using PayPal and other electronic payments runs rampant. Are these women in possession of a TIN? Do they even know what a TIN is?

When the Crypt Keeper came after me verbally, she stated she was an LLC. You can claim to be whoever, or whatever you want in this day and age, my question is, are you reporting your arsenal of goods and sales to Uncle Sam?

Like scavengers, instead of shopping through legitimate retail streams, they hit up 3rd parties. The money and products exchange hands from one person to the next. You then add a 4th party and so-on. I hope that with all of the cleanser that moves from one person to the next, they wash their hands. I would say they need to rinse their mouth out with soap, but they type rather than speak as they troll. They deem themselves to be productive members of society. I am curious to see if they would be able to talk shit to someone’s face.

You can see these wonderful women and their unsanitary verbiages on my website in the footer titled Black Beauty Market. Women like this will never move females forward. By wasting their day bashing me, my theory remains that I have completely lost hope for (wo)mankind.