Mercari: Making the Black Market of Beauty Maniacal

Inside an App of UGLY

The Crypt Keeper’s Cache

In my first two articles, I went onto show the manipulation of Mercari Shipping. Mercari’s awareness of users’ education levels and socioeconomic status aids and abets their unjustified gouges on shipping rates.

Not just a 3rd-party selling app, Mercari allows and even encourages beauty products to be sold to a 4th-party, 5th-party, and so on. Are the items authentic? Are proofs of purchases provided? Have the products been tampered with? Do they not even contain legitimate product in them?

During my three months of selling, I encountered some real pieces of work. I will discuss in my next few articles, the brands, my buyers’ previous experiences communicated to me, and will pop the lid off of the secret underworld where there is no such thing as integrity in many sellers. If you possess integrity and intelligence, Mercari does their best to manipulate you because Mercari sees you as an issue. If you do not conform to their Communist-like agenda, they deport you from the app.

Selling beauty products on this app is a dangerous game to play because the bottom-feeders, resellers, and inner ugly of women come out in full-force. The bottom-feeders had a field day with me in a Facebook group. I got into the group to see them bash my struggles without even knowing me except the fact I blew them to shreds with sales because integrity is free. Yet, Mercari does not like anything free therefore honesty merely is something they do not want on the platform.

They send bots to check your response time and push sellers to get little sleep in an attempt to have a successful seller make a mistake. Relying solely on the words of their army of bottom-feeders’ feedback, they start flagging sellers with Prohibited Conduct. If you miss a tracking number, sell retinol, or call someone delusional, they start tallying up the Prohibited Conducts (PCs) and Prohibited Items against you.

You then get a Final Notice and then your account gets closed. Mine was closed after they spent some time on my website and in five minutes decided I knew too much. I know they see my articles because they still visit my site. I offered an opportunity for them to polish their prized piece of shit app up by messaging seven executives (all men), but having a seller like me would force them to lead a socially responsible company. That just is not in their value statement.

One of my first PCs came the day I decided not to use Mercari Shipping. According to Mercari, I was not entering valid tracking numbers. That was a form of prohibited conduct. They even try to trip the user up and pay $5.25 by manipulating the app to change positions of shipping options to ship, let’s say, a small jar of face cream.

Enter the brands that fall victim to the peddlers preying on this app. First off, GlamGlow. My first experience with GlamGlow was the “Crypt Keeper” riding her dark horse onto my page wanting to purchase all of my GlamGlow. Scared by her overdone makeup, I said, “I didn’t sell to resellers” and blocked her. Yet Day of the Dead followed me and despite blocking her, Night of the Living Dead could still see everything I was doing and Mercari opted to trust her reporting me as she paled in comparison with her beat-ass 55 sales to my couple of hundred at the time.

Then Becky Hoover wanted jars of GlamGlow, and as I looked on her page to see piles of shit dumped on her bed for sale, my intuition said, “cease and desist.” I received a Facebook message which Facebook will never value privacy despite how many times the government whoops their ass in court. She sputtered ugly words but was a seller of beauty products.

Shortly after, I learned that sellers would empty out jars and put something else in, not GlamGlow and resell it. In the middle of the night, when I was sleeping, a woman named Laura Biasotti out of San Diego struck, purchasing all of my listings. Her page was mostly stock photos (which I do not trust). I then canceled all of her orders. Hours later, she created a new account and was back to strike again. This time I was awake and told her to shop at Sephora. I blocked her and canceled those orders. Hell-bent on getting all of my product, she then had her husband create an account to attempt to “take me out.”

I reported these crazy chicks to Mercari because I received a bullshit message that by canceling orders, I had looked unreliable. Writing to their joke of a customer service department, they explained that despite the fact I was being stalked, Mercari had nothing to do with any activity that occurred outside of their platform. Funny, what is good for the goose is not good for the gander.

More and more, buyers were interested in the Glamglow. Upon speaking to my legitimate buyers, they informed me the jars would be emptied and sold with a dupe substance.

My listings would get reported often for no reason “due to selling items that were not FDA approved.” How was I able to purchase them with such harsh FDA regulations? I would tweet the FDA and Mercari asking what the issue was. A cucumber mask cannot be sold, but a counterfeit product was acceptable. I’d get flagged for multiple prohibited items and then figured out what time to post my so-called contraband.

I could have a man message me asking to purchase my used underwear, but could not sell something with cucumber in it or even use an emoji for fuck’s sake.

I received my final prohibited item warning and was placed on final notice. I sent a seething message, and the post was reviewed and overturned. Mercari and the black beauty market were still out to get me.

Re-enter the Crypt Keeper who had stolen my picture and posted it on her post since she is a self-proclaimed vigilante against deception. I reached out to her explaining I did not authorize my picture for her to use. She was blocked but could still creep on me. No pun intended. She then spewed vile words, and I had her land on a Google search. I informed her, and she ejected more vile words including a screenshot where she admits to not washing her face. Why clean your face when you can sell the skincare product? Also, she needs to rinse that mouth out with the soap.

She was filing a lawsuit and criminal charges against me, but authorized me to post her vile words. Unfortunate for her, I have the 1st Amendment and do not know if she has the money to cover all the legal fees to take me to the Supreme Court.

My next article will discuss other brands and the closed Facebook group where some women are pretty on the outside, but terribly ugly on the inside. These are the sellers Mercari allows to sell.