Oh she did send the villagers after me except they used words, not pitchforks. I recommended her to change her picture because her makeup was overdone.

Mercari: Pirating Tatcha’s Treasures

Tatcha-A Socially Responsible Company gets taken advantage of in a Corrupt Company’s (Mercari) Marketplace

Let me talk about Tatcha. Up until a few months ago, I never heard of Tatcha as I have been using Neutrogena on my face, which obviously is not even recognized by Apple to auto-correct it’s spelling. I was performing well on Mercari. After cashing out my 401k, I had to invest it in purchasing products from legitimate streams. Legitimate streams, I define as “retail channels and direct companies.”

Sephora was running a promotion to receive a deluxe free sample of Tatcha Violet-C Serum. It was a free sample in which I had zero brand awareness regarding Tatcha. Not being a capitalist, I put it up for sale at $9 where Mercari would earn 90 cents, I’d pay $4.25 for their over-inflated shipping rates, and earn $3.85 that I would not see for 14 days. With the bubbler mailer, tissue paper, bag, hand-written card, and stickers, I may have profited $1.00 if I was lucky.

It sold within minutes. Suddenly, I was bombarded with messages. Questions such as, “do you have more?” “Could you start a waiting list?” The buyer thanked me for “such a great deal.” It was free, and I made $3.85. What was so great about this? Was it great that suddenly people on the Mercari app wanted to be my friend? Was it great that they were capitalizing not only on buyers but on my naivety?

I received another message informing me I had priced it too low, and this brand was worth more than $9. Despite my waiting lists, I received another one from Sephora and sold it to the same buyer again for $9. She seemed genuine, yet doesn’t everyone? It could have been an act, but she was kind, and I did not want the drama.

One person on my waiting list followed me on YouTube. I thought, “if you are so interested, why not just order from Sephora and get your own?” I was not out to get anyone. I was just trying to unsuccessfully survive until I found a “real job” or a publisher.

I received a list of hot-ticket brands. Tatcha being one, I ordered a Starter Ritual kit. This company hand-writes customers thank you cards. If anyone knows me, I am against mismanaged corporations. After all, I came from one.

As I read the card, I cried because I would do the same to my buyers by handwriting thank-you cards because every penny that came in was an attempt to help me survive since I lost it all 403 days ago. I personally felt guilty and promised myself that the Tatcha I sold would go to someone who would use it and not resell it. I wanted this brand to get more awareness and let people know there are good companies out there that should be patronized directly instead of purchasing through seedy sellers that did not get the items legitimately. A 3rd-party was enough. Why add a 4th or 5th? While other sellers have called me seedy, I never once sold something not from a legitimate channel. I tend to have trust issues and pretty much do not trust anyone. The idea of purchasing through a middle-woman was not going to happen.

I got the product from Tatcha and never touched it with my hands, only grabbing it with Swiffer wipes because this brand was too good for me. Any time, a buyer would be interested in Tatcha, I would only sell to buyers who had done business with me prior, buyers who mirrored my integrity and values. I had screened new buyers to ensure they were not going to resell it by questioning their intentions. Anytime a buyer wanted more than one Tatcha item, I would reject their sale and would inform them to order from Tatcha or Sephora. Never a capitalist, it turns out I was not much of a survivalist either.

Tatcha ships for free with purchases of $25. Why use Mercari? My last sale was due because Tatcha was out of stock and the buyer scoured through my 700 plus 5-star ratings to see I was not out to get anyone. I wanted to share amazing brands by allowing opportunities to try smaller versions of products. The buyers could then go off on their own and invest in the larger sizes by purchasing through the companies. Larger sizes as a seller were too risky for me to get involved with.

I would communicate the benefits of signing up with companies for special promotions, receiving free samples which I could not provide, and offering referral programs to spread the love. I can say I have brand awareness now and The Rice Polish, The Essence, and The Dewy Skin lines were their most popular. Unfortunately, I did not sell one Camellia Cleansing Oil despite this product being one of their Top 4. The Water Cream and Silk Cream were few and far between as far as sales went.

I would add my proof of purchase to listings and show I did not purchase them from a hidden Facebook group or certainly anyone on Mercari. When my picture of The Essence was stolen by the Crypt Keeper, that was the beginning of the end of my selling on Mercari. In calling her out, I was verbally gutted by her and a circle of resellers or as I define them bottom-feeders. They went on ripping me to shreds, showing that they lack compassion for mental health, chronic unemployment, and falsely determined I was the bottom-feeder. Their names and harsh words are in a gallery on my website to show the world their true colors. Also to display the type of sellers Mercari prefers to have on their platform.

Integrity is free, and in the 403 days since I became unemployed, I have been rejected 1200 times for positions, TedTalks (which someone nominated me for as a joke), Google, Apple, and LinkedIn (despite even being at their NYC HQ to participate in an unpaid pilot). Despite these women assuming I just sit on my ass and do nothing, it could not be further from the truth. I write (obviously) and help my grandparents because they are in their mid-80’s and disabled. While these women sit on social media all day hiding in a closed Facebook group spewing hateful words, I am busting my ass trying my best to be a decent person that continually gets knocked down time and time again.

I wrote seven books in six months, only three that I have published due to my royalties being skimmed. Only 5% of the entire world can write one book. I have written seven, but I am the bottom-feeder because I opted to sell with integrity in a failed attempt to survive. I had nearly 800 sales in three months with no assistance. I never worked so hard for so little.

My sob story” as they called it, unfortunately, is one of non-fiction. I wish I were making all my losses up. I now get to pack up what is left of my belongings and figure out where I am going to live.

I truly hope that these human beings despite being inhumane never lose it all. I also hope these companies I discuss have the power to take legal action against Mercari. I am just one person down to a couple of bucks. Mercari continues to bury my articles and has even sunk low enough to ban me from a Reddit group where I attempted to draw attention to their corruption. I will continue to write and will not give up. I will continue to keep filing government complaints despite the long process to see any action come to fruition. If Mercari possessed a moral compass, why would they continue to bury my content? They cover it up because they have plenty to hide.