You can see the 3rd down executive blocked me. What a pussy.

Mercari U.S. App-Corporate Communism and Corruption

Privacy is a Privilege

The 2nd Amendment debate draws a great deal of attention in my opinion. Yet without the 1st Amendment, U.S. citizens would be unable to discuss views on the right to bear arms. The United States dubbed the Land of the Free certainly does not fit in amongst the corporation known as Mercari.

When you first sign up with Mercari, you have the option of accessing the platform through your Facebook or Google “+” account. That screams a red flag for me because Google Plus is dismantled and in fact, a user registers using their Google account. Facebook lacks any respect for privacy, and by utilizing either one with Mercari, you have handed them all of your information, and they possess all they need to know about you.

I cannot imagine Google partnering with Mercari. Google was the only company to take action when I was hacked. From my perspective, Google is a good company. Mercari’s male executives proudly boast Ex-Googler in their LinkedIn professional profiles. I messaged a few informing them that “their platform needs work.” All of these men decided to ignore me. One pansy even went as far as blocking me. This reiterates my firm belief that “men are the weaker sex.” Which sex gives birth? Point made.

Upon registering, you cannot use a VPN. A blanket message appears stating, “we are sorry, this service is not offered in your area.” Surprising because Mercari prefers users who commit fraudulent and counterfeit transactions. Numerous accounts can be created because Mercari does not block IPs. Having worked for Google, Mercari understands how to block IPs. Why block a shitbag seller who is swindling buyers with counterfeit products? These sellers are bringing in the do re mi with the 10% selling fees. Most mediocre sellers have buyers pay for the over-inflated $4.25 shipping, which pads the pants of Mercari’s male executives.

Mercari has all of your information. I know they definitely possess all users’ IQ Levels. After dealing with so many people on that platform, Mercari definitely has the upper-hand. They also know your socioeconomic status and which users would sell a soul to make a few bucks.

Another violation of this app is the inability to turn your location off. I noticed my location was turned on and I turned it off because I did not want them tracking my every move. However, the Mercari app would no longer work. I needed to turn location services on to use the app.

I would joke to my friend that I would get an order every single time I was at the post office twice a day. A little green, I found it ironic. Now it was because I caught onto their misrepresentation of shipping fees and they wanted to play games. Knowing, I would run around like an asshole to get all my orders completed to empty out my queue.

Actively encouraging sellers to use Mercari Shipping, they recommend only frequent sellers should “Ship on your Own.” Mercari Shipping also deceives the seller by offering Seller Protection up to $200. Seller Protection, a complete farce, does not exist. It is up to the sellers to protect themselves against the slaughter.

Upon my epiphany of the over-inflated shipping charges, I lost my Quick Shipper badge. Every review stated “fast shipper,” but in a failed attempt to steer buyers away from me, it appeared I shipped at my leisure. I was taking 40 packages a day to the post office. I lost the badge once I lost my naivety, gaining insight into their manipulative behaviors.

I was unaware a lipstick was that heavy

Mercari would even play games by moving shipping options on the screen in the app in attempting me to trip up. I made one mistake. The cheap ass customer got me for a $2 loss, and Mercari Shipping cut another $1.55 from that sale. Oddly enough, all of my items despite being under half an ounce were automatically deemed by Mercari to being over that weight where shipping would automatically be deemed to cost $5.25. Shit. I could ship four separate listings on my own and still not pay $4.25.

Shipping Games

Another adjustment made, Mercari has ceased sending buyers’ addresses in an email for the seller just to copy and paste. If you decide to ship on your own, you have to go into the app, copy the address to a clipboard and dissect the verbiage. You have to piece together the missing punctuation to get the cohesive address recognized by the USPS. Mercari loses money when sellers ship on their own and now make sellers put in extra work as a punishment.

Mercari also sends bots generating their automatic bullshit questions to ensure sellers represent adequate response times for the Quick Responder Badge. I was staying awake 22 hours a day not to miss a sale since I was dealing with the entire country. I had a small window of to actually sleep.

Mercari does not work with Paypal. Why? I am guessing because Mercari prefers to hold sellers’ money hostage for up to 14 days. The money I am guessing racks up a bit of interest as Mercari controls the coin.

Contacted off of the platform by some crazy bitches, I reported to Mercari that I was being stalked. Here I am nearly 40 years old being hunted by herds of women. What is life? Mercari replied that they could not take action to any activity occurring outside of the Mercari app. Yet when all these vile scum Googled me and visited my website, I was booted because I listed the scumbags’ IP addresses. What is it then? Mercari told me what happens off of Mercari stays out of Mercari’s hands. Yet I get thrown off and now have buyers looking for me. My organic growth strategy was working, and they have pissed off the wrong bitch.

I cannot forget the most critical privacy breach for me personally, blocking users who just so happen to not be completely blocked. I would block “buyers” who I could immediately sense lacked integrity or who were going to take advantage of my hard work only to take the lazy way out and resell it. I would reply, “learn how to shop.” After all, shopping is a pure strategy. Ever since I was a child, I would love laying out sales flyers and coupons and planning shopping trips with my mother.

When any questionable bottom-feeder (lazy-ass reseller) wanted all of a particular product line, bells and whistles would sound off in my mind. I would block the user. On nearly every platform when you block another user, they lose all access to your posts and content you share. Not on Mercari, however, privacy is not something they value.

Blocked users on Mercari can still follow a seller and see all posts of items for sale, ratings, bio, and number of sales. This leads to juvenile, vindictive, and false reporting of your posts. Mercari chooses to take bottom-feeders’ words as a holy grail. A blocked user also learns they have been blocked when they try to like an item or attempt to message you. A notification informs the blocked user they are unable to like the item or message the seller. Once a bottom-feeder realizes they have been blocked, this opens up a realm of vendettas. A cold and cutthroat coalition of bottom-feeders united through deception, counterfeit products, and corporate corruption. Integrity, the only thing you can offer for free on Mercari is frowned upon.