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The Unsanitary Insanity of Mercari

Whenever I found myself bored with a beauty product or moved onto the latest and greatest product, I would dispose of the old or give it to someone. When I began selling, many platforms would state due to legal violations, beauty products could not be sold used or without the original package.

Purchasing anything used, still to this day gives me a sense of anxiety. In becoming humble, I am more accepting of used articles of clothing (undergarments excluded) from people I know. Enter that Hot Mess known as Mercari. Seeing all of the used underwear and bras up for sale freaked me out. Those would get thrown away because that is a line I could not cross. Even when a man whose username was Prince asked to purchase all of my used undergarments and pajamas, I blocked him because I may be destitute, but I am not desperate. Fueling that fetish was a road I was not heading down.

On top of the used intimate articles of clothing, Mercari was a vast marketplace for used beauty products. I had a new palette up for sale. It sat and did not sell for three months. I eventually thought, “screw this, I will keep the new and sell my old.”

I am hygienic and still felt dirty selling used makeup. The health risks and legality I questioned, but my used makeup sold and the new didn’t. Why were we always advised by health practitioners and beauty magazines to dispose of makeup after a year or after having pink eye? My buyers actually complimented my used items after purchasing them.

My used items were authentic and well-maintained. New items were also authentic, and I would state, “I cannot afford to use this stuff” in my descriptions. I would get buyers who had purchased a counterfeit product or setting sprays with water in them. Some buyers even had problems with their skin from products purchased on Mercari.

Another observation I noticed were stock photos running rampant on Mercari despite not being allowed. I would never use a stock photo because that blatantly communicates fraud or laziness. You can flag the images, which is laughable. Obviously, the joke was on me.

I would get multiple prohibited conducts and items flags reported by the Mercari-preferred bottom-feeders. The twisted bitches I blocked would flag my listings for shits and giggles. Certain products as per FDA Regulations would serve me with a Prohibited Conduct infraction. I asked myself, “If I could purchase it through a viable legal channel, why could I not sell it on Mercari?” I would tweet the FDA and Mercari asking what the issue was. Naturally, I would never receive a response from either party.

I could not sell anything with retinol or superfoods in it, but someone could sell a pair of stained underwear? Who determined the FDA Guidelines? Obviously, Mercari does not follow specific government regulations. Yet they rule their app with an iron fist.

Always pushing the envelope, I actually determined the time to blitz my contraband and how to bury it. All the items sold and no one knew the wiser. I pay attention to traffic spikes and slipped retinol and lactic acid through like a champion. If I can buy it, why couldn’t I sell it?

I truly believe certain people are smarter than computers. With all of my infractions, I felt such a rush being that blatant non-conformist ripping them every chance I had. Many users were scared and afraid of getting kicked off. I would even say, “if they have not kicked me off yet, you are fine.” Emojis, curses, and building relationships are not allowed. What?

I pushed the envelope far enough to get kicked off. I have buyers/resellers looking for me. I reached out to one of my first buyers informing her I was kicked off. Her epic response was, “LOL. Who actually gets kicked off of Mercari? What did you do sweetie?”