Social Media for me symbolizes an empty beach on a gloomy day.

Why I Said “See Ya” To Social Media

So much social media seems to make society more anti-social in my opinion. Growing tired of seeing people complain about mundane things, such as a traffic jam or a line in a store, I stepped away. Always thinking, “wow these people are blessed if something mundane triggers a status similar to that.”

I also came to lose my faith in humanity. Regarding LinkedIn, I had nearly 700 connections, and not one connection could help me find gainful employment. I connected, networked, and even begged some people, only to see no one really gave a shit. Their value statement consists of “providing an economic opportunity to all.” Here I am impoverished, and LinkedIn was not providing me with one iota of economic opportunity or personal growth. I hate to say it, but that platform does not look out for the greater good of society. They charge unemployed job seekers for a premium membership. They may not possess an awareness that being unemployed means a loss of income. Perhaps some users want to incur the added expense as they bring in less money than they did when they were employed.

I will still occasionally make YouTube videos only to get ridiculed and I use Twitter to troll companies. I also admit I love that my tweets get live fed onto my Google SERP. I have a presence on all platforms, but at the end of the day, social media yields only 1% results as far as an audience goes. I’ve abandoned it and feel lighter in a sense. I see less of things I do not want to see. I’ve grown to love the very slow Grassroots Movement I have embarked on.

When it comes to the most omnipotent social media channel known as Facebook or as I like to call it “Fakebook,” I was being stalked by crazy females for one. Believe it or not, it was my most private platform. I laugh because FakeBook holds no value in protecting people’s privacy. Still, I would post friends-only updates and see a trend yielding zero engagement.

I would also see Go Fund Me Campaigns to help someone buy a car or pay medical bills when the needy were on Medicaid and Worker’s Compensation. Never able to be that type of person, I had a better idea, or so I thought.

Seeing all the monetary donations and willingness of people to help someone’s bullshit cause, I decided to ask for donations. Not money because I prefer to work for every penny, but I asked for clothing in good condition and beauty products that were no longer of use to people. I put up a status that I was searching for goods. A status that naturally fell on blind eyes. I cannot stay deaf ears because with social media, no one talks. I had four people come through despite nearly 500 “friends.” One friend shipping several boxes as she was working with no pay due to the government shut down.

I can only assume people find it easier to just zip money to someone instead of having to purge their closets. Perhaps people possess the quality of selfishness rather than selflessness. Regardless, barely anyone wanted to help me. However, if I posted a status that I had a date, I’d have 80 plus likes. That’s what the world consists of I have come to learn. They would rather see me go on a date and get fucked over by a guy instead of surviving and living.

I have the option of putting up a donation block on my website. I see no point because no one would donate. Humanity makes me sad. I think of all the donations I had given, meals purchased, and help I had doled out for no charge and see nothing in return. Yet, I keep working. Perhaps I am a fool. I just would like to cash in my good karma really soon because as a friend described me, “I am on skid row.”

Since my departure, a few people have looked for me. More so to see if I am still alive. I could easily disappear, and sadly very few would notice.