Commuter Connections

I love the morning. Seeing the world rub the sleep from its eyes ready for a day of possibility gives me joy. Of course everyone has their schedules and will sleep as long as they allow. But there are those days that require you start your day a little earlier than normal.

I love those days. The light is different because it hasn’t reached the point yet at which you’re used to seeing it. There are the runners out for their day-starting workout. There are kids going to early morning test prep their teachers are holding before school starts.

On the top of my list of my favorite things about getting up earlier than usual in the morning: taking public transportation. For instance, the subway. There is something oddly soothing about riding the subway before AM rush hour hits. It’s almost like a diner atmosphere: there are few people, and everyone has their coffee and newspaper. Instead of focusing on pancakes and eggs, they’re catching up on any news they might’ve missed overnight on their smartphones. Or they’re simply looking out the window enjoying the scene of the boroughs whiz by just like I am. What I love so much about this is the possibility of connection. You make eye contact with someone, there’s a mutual look of pleasure and even though you both might be tired, it’s silently agreed that it’s an atmosphere to be enjoyed. It’s a little more human and the opportunity for interaction. Even sneezing and someone saying bless you will likely lead to a gratifying smile and possibly “have a nice day” when you part ways.

It’s probably obvious at this point I am a huge morning person. It’s my favorite time of day. I understand not everyone approaches the morning with enthusiasm because maybe they didn’t get enough sleep or maybe waking up is the worst part of the day for them. But I invite you to bring yourself openly to the world. Don’t avoid human interaction just because everyone is a stranger. Its limiting, and you’re possibly depriving yourself of a nice exchange with someone you very well may never see again. But leave open the possibility that it has potential to be such an interaction that will make your entire morning just a little bit brighter.

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