The Fun Is In The Fantasy

Why chasing your dreams is just as fun as accomplishing them.

Everyone’s mind wanders somewhere different than others’. People generally daydream about the same general topics but with varying details, little bits that are tailored to their lives or situations. But everyone does it. Maybe not everyone does it during the day (and kudos to the people who manage to stay focused for 16 hours at a time), but at the very least everyone does it at night when they dream. That’s getting a little too deep though, and I’m keeping this article light. Let’s just assume for simplicity that everyone daydreams at some point or another during their waking hours.

What daydreams usually always have in common with one another is the daydreamer’s future, something that’s on their heart. The endless possibilities of what it holds. Maybe a new house, maybe a new city, a trip to somewhere unexplored, working for themselves, just to name a few. We get so excited at the possibility of it all coming to life. There’s even a German word for this: vorfreude.

Vorfreude is defined as the intense euphoric sensation you experience from thinking about future plans and daydreams. This beautiful feeling is a natural reaction the human mind manifests from expectations of future pleasures and joyful anticipations, such as planning a trip, going on a date, and many other fulfilling, life-changing events.

In a nutshell.

The part I love the most about this isn’t the anticipation of a daydream coming true, but the euphoric sensation of thinking about ‘what if it did’ and what it would look like. Fantasizing about plans to come, to me, is almost more exciting than them actually happening. Don’t get me wrong, accomplishing your dreams is amazing because then you get to work toward a new dream, while enjoying the current one you’re living, just like you knew you would. Sometimes it’s even a little scary in the moment of accomplishment because of the fact you now get to create a new dream for yourself to chase. But there’s a certain thrill you get from imagining living your own tailored perfect life, that doesn’t come from anywhere else. For some, this means money, for some it means travel, or for some it means the perfect balance and harmony of all the things and places and people they love in their lives. Life has limits, fantasizing doesn’t. Your imagination is free to get carried away to wherever it wants for however long it pleases itself. And that’s a beautiful thing, and one of the only non-constraints we have the joy and pleasure to experience as human beings.

Next time you catch your mind wandering, notice where it goes. Because that’s probably where your heart is. It can even change over time. What you fantasize about now is probably different than what you were fantasizing about when you were six, thirteen, even twenty. It’ll continue to evolve because as I said, as you accomplish your dreams you get to create new ones to pursue.

What do you daydream about?

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