Who Am I?

The question to ask when planning for success

Just like everyone else whenever we are taking new role in our organization we tend to review the past and plan ahead on what we wanted to accomplish at least in the first few months of your appointment. And some of the things we normally do is check on old materials and see what you have done. I happen to stumble on one of my old notes way back six or seven years ago when I first fell in-love in my job. And this is how it goes.

The first question there was WHO AM I? Although this is the question my answer was a bit out of this question for some reason, it goes like this.

“I want a job where I can manage people. I work well in a short term project oriented job. I wanted to create things/projects and organizing activities. I like research, costing, I like design and I like to conceptualize. I am interested in new ways of making things, I easily get myself learning new software or adapting to new technology.
When I begin an activity, my priority or my highest motivational factor is to get it done, to reach my goal, to produce a finish product, etc. My self satisfaction is directly tied to completed achievement. I take pride in setting target and challenge my self in achieving them. My motivation level drop and I can become frustrated and stressed when achievement is interrupted, either it is rescheduled or given a low priority by others. I started to loose interest on things and started to loose confidence.”
“We cannot grow people if we don’t grow ourselves”

That was written in that old piece of note and in the end there is that quote.

And now by looking at it, I realized that analyzing what we wanted to do in future really matters on knowing who we are, including our fears and challenges and what you really wanted to do.

And to complete your plan you asked more questions, “in the next five years, where do I imagine myself to be?” Visualizing the situation where you wanted to be is important. “Do i still see myself in this organization? Will I grow with them?”

These kind of questions to ourselves is important to determine what kind of success we wanted and whether it’s achievable. Then one by one we should draw our short term goal and long term goal in order to get there. The list should not be long but it should be realistic. If we can make a step by step procedure to get there, we should do it. And it has to be written somewhere, where it can remind us of our final destination. We should make it appoint to see it everyday or every time we find difficulty in completing or achieving short term goals.

And make sure we still come up with an environment where ‘we are loving what we’re doing’. That this is what we really wanted and that our personal lives is in-line with it.