UFO Pleiadian Sex Cult Stalked Me

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Pleiadian UFO sex cult stalkers anyone?

Many of you may not know that I run a podcast called Deprogrammed Podcast, and it explores different cults in society, while still touching on topics of human consciousness and what is happening in the occult scene. In fact, those three topics often roll up all into one to make a good podcast, and that’s just what happened in an interview I did with the journalist, author, and analyst Kal Korff.

I asked Kal to come on the podcast to talk about the undercover investigation he did on an actual UFO sex cult in Switzerland. Kal agreed to come on and discuss everything about Billy Meier and the strange UFO/Pleiadian cult he had formed that was based around two things:

  1. That Meier had regular contact with UFO’s and aliens, and he had taken pictures of their crafts on earth and during journeys with them in outer space. Plus Meier has the pictures of course to prove it.
  2. That Meier also has the ability to reproduce with humans and create hybrid Pleiadians, hence the sex part of the UFO sex cult.

Are you following me?


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Billy Meier hoax UFO photo

I won’t go into detail about the Billy Meier debacle, you can check the podcast out here, or do some quick reading here, but I am going to tell you about getting stalked by the cult itself, or at least someone representing the cult. Yes, you heard it, I was stalked for a short time by a UFO sex cult after I launched the episode with Kal Korff, and it was in a very predictable fashion.

At first I wasn’t concerned when I started to receive negative comments on a mini clip I posted on Instagram. It’s not unusual for people to get riled up when they are presented with facts that don’t conform to their own confirmation bias. What started to tip me off of course is when the commenter posted a website as evidence against Kal. I know you’re thinking, okay Melissa, but isn’t that the right thing to do to back up ones claims?

Normally I would agree with that, but it wasn’t that they shared a website as evidence, it was the particular website they shared, plus that I know exactly who created and maintains it. It’s a website that was created almost 13 years ago to make up absurd smear campaigns against Kal Korff as punishment for revealing the truth about Billy Meier and his false UFO claims. Just the title alone shows the maturity of the people creating it and tells me everything I need to know about someone sharing it as evidence. The actual design, content, and writing is atrocious and reads like a 14 year old that is trying photoshop for the first time. It makes the National Enquirer look like gold standard news.

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The website, notice the classy red curtain background mixed with poorly photoshopped header.

Just imagine it, you spend thirteen years of your life making a badly designed blog with made-up information about one journalist. What does that make you? Insane? Why yes it does. But it is also a behavior that cults themselves would partake of. Scientology is famous for running around and smear campaigning people who oppose their organization, no matter how small they are. That’s another ironic element. Cults will attack anyone that goes against them, even a small podcast platform like myself. So, of course, it didn’t stop at the Instagram comments.

I received a total of 10 emails in less than 2 days with bad evidence against Korff and demanding that I interview Michael Horn. Horn is the representative of Billy Meier in the United States and stands to make a fair bit of money pushing Meiers false UFO claims. Four of the emails were from Horn himself, two were from a person named Andrea Logue and three were from other sycophantic followers. I also had several emails after the 48 hour period, one which I will share later in the article. I suspect most of the identities are all the same person with different usernames online, and you can find that out easily if you have the right skills. So I decided to search out Andrea Logue and came across this on Facebook:

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So as you can see the reason I was getting a lot of interactions is that Andrea Logue, likely a fake persona, asked people to target my email and podcast with the demand that I allow Michael Horn onto the podcast. When I didn’t respond to the emails and removed comments because they were all coming from the same person, plus interacting with possible cult members one on one isn’t a good idea, I started to receive these wonderful comments on my YouTube channel.

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The irony in that whole statement is it’s all garbage. Andrea challenged Michael Shermer and he couldn’t substantiate his claims against the Meier case? I have a feeling that Shermer has more important things to do Andrea than look at old photos of plates glued together and disprove that some old Swiss man is going on space journeys with aliens and recreating Pleiadian hybrids. Also, Andrea doesn’t understand what shadow banning is. Hint, it’s not removing harassing comments and blocking fake bot accounts. The big question about Horn disputing Kal Korff’s lies is this: Michael Horn has been asked repeatedly to debate Kal Korff one on one, and he has said that he would but avoids doing so.

So I digress Mikey, if you truly wish to set the record straight, I recommend that instead of harassing my show, fulfill your wish to prove Korff wrong by debating Kal straight on. That’s what professionals and scholars do. They hold a debate. Hell, I’ll even hold that debate show on my podcast. What I won’t do is allow you to send people out to harass me, call me names, and then demand I have you on my podcast. That’s bullying and intimidation. It’s also something that cults do in hopes that they’re dealing with a person who is easy to intimidate. If you haven’t noticed my podcast is called Deprogrammed, and it’s not a platform for dishonest bullies to come on the show. However, I stand by it that I will allow you to debate Korff on my show, as he is the one with the information on Billy Meier, not me.

There was an abundance of comments with insults directed towards Korff and ridiculous claims that I won’t bother to share in this article. There were even veiled threats towards myself from a temporary email address. However, the obvious fact that it was all either posted or orchestrated by the same person and sent in roughly a 48–72 hour period shows that this isn’t just random listeners. What these people also unconsciously proved was that they are truly, as Kal said, a cult. Everything they did, almost hook, line and sinker reeked of cult behavior. It’s commonly known as sending out the “flying monkeys”. It is a way an abusive cult leader or supporting figure quiets the dissenters and critics. Once you can identify that behaviour, you can be pretty sure you’re dealing with either someone who has a personality disorder, or a cult. Or perhaps both.

In the end, I received a pretty pathetic and bizarre email saying that they had “broken up” with me. Well, this is news to me, I never knew we had a relationship. Thus goes the lunatic fantasies of people involved with or supporting a cult. I’ve heard that actress Shirley MacLaine backed up and supported Billy Meier, but of course, that nut job lady is for another post and another time…

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