1954: Did President Eisenhower Meet With Aliens?

March 01, 2009 Item 2.25: FOIA Request to CIA re Film Footage of Eisenhower’s Inspection of an Alien Spacecraft and Its Deceased Occupants

TO: Ms. Delores M. Nelson
Information and Privacy Coordinator
U. S. Central Intelligence Agency
Washington, DC 20505

FROM: Larry W. Bryant
3518 Martha Custis Drive
Alexandria, VA 22302

DATE: March 1, 2009

  1. On February 3, 2009, a surrogate UFO-E.T.-coverup whistleblower named “Bob” phoned in to the late-night syndicated radio program Coast-to-Coast AM (hosted by George Noory). “Bob related the circumstances of his acquisition of certain 16-mm film footage showing President Eisenhower and the late aviation pioneer Howard Hughes inspecting the apparent remains of a crash-landed flying saucer and its alien crew. (See my below-quoted transcript of “Bob’s” account.) This latest evidence implicating Eisenhower in the federal government’s sequestering of hard evidence of UFO-E.T. reality dovetails with earlier leakage to certain UFOlogists of a copy of the so-called Eisenhower Briefing Document from the allegedly CIA-created/managed “Majestic-12” operation that began during the late 1940s.

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