Do I Believe in Previous Births
Gail Boenning

I love your writing. And what an interesting topic! I also like how you said, I don’t know, and I don’t think anyone else can know, for certain.

I had an unexpected and mystical happening thing occur last year, something I can only call a divine intervention. And it literally healed me from such a severe depression which had been plaguing me for 35 years. It involved a medium, and him telling me about a past life (about which I had no prior opinions, and frankly was mildly irritated by the question!)

What this man revealed, in a very matter-of-fact way, helped me make sense of my suffering, and it immediately helped me change the way I viewed myself. Truly, it was that instant. For me, that is what made the experience so compelling. And it was so specific to something I’d experienced in childhood, that I couldn’t help but pay attention.

Anyway, I just wanted to add my little story to your beautiful article. Best wishes in your continued writing. Goodness me, you have a gift!!!