For many companies, whether they are in the process of scaling or for some who already operate at scale, things that are not part of their mission are by default outsourced. For some time now, we’ve seen a growing amount of applications and services that outsource pain points for companies as they scale. As the ever brilliant Charity Majors put it back in 2017:

“There’s a tidal wave of technological change that’s been gaining momentum over the past five years. Microservices, containers, cloud-native, schedulers, serverless… all these movements are ways of coping with massively more complex systems.”

Engineers are in…

How can future networks deliver on the promise of innovation?

I once read that after two years, things rarely look different. After ten years, the shift appears major. This couldn’t be more true of MWC, a yearly milestone for the telecoms industry, which serves as a very public glimpse into the innovations of tomorrow.

5G has been the central topic at the event for some time now, but as we near first deployments, demos and use cases are revealing an increasingly widening gap between innovation and infrastructure.

Roots in Robotics

My own MWC story took root three years ago. To me, MWC17 felt ahead of it’s time: I recall it as the year…

Melissa Doré

VP Operations at Ori Industries. Turtleneck enthusiast.

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