Less Is More: The Minimum Effective Dose
Louis Chew

“I’m all for giving your best, but living and playing like it’s the 4th quarter all the time is definitely unsustainable…Working hard without a break leads to burnout…”

I lived this. I walked out of a steady stable career and into much-less-secure self-employment because I just drove myself into the dirt (and my former employers while good people were all too happy to watch me). I discovered “work addiction” is a thing.

“These activities give the semblance of productivity, but in reality, create little value. Some of them even borderline compulsive behaviour:

  • Organising belongings and work
  • Ensuring cleanliness
  • Checking of emails

These things are overdone, often by force of habit”

Ouch. This is me still, and sometimes if left unchecked they do impact my actual productivity. If I can keep it focused, they help me keep a workspace that’s efficient, but I do catch myself sometimes zoning out and “piddling” with these things instead of getting real work done.

Thanks for the initiation into an interesting topic. Now, what sort of things do those of us who have fallen into this trap use to work smarter and not just harder?

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