Dr. Adrienne Boire and Dr. Joan Massagué, Sloan Kettering Institute, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

“In the ongoing discussions about the college experience and return on investment, the liberal arts model is often under scrutiny. Yet many of us at CooperKatz are passionate about the value of a liberal arts education. In fact, we apply what we learned in those classrooms to the work that we do for our clients every day. Supporting Grinnell College — for its academic rigor, its legacy of social justice and its place as one of the country’s top liberal arts colleges — was a highlight in our 20-year history. And it was even more special because of a certain member of the Grinnell Class of 1970 — our agency co-founder, Andy Cooper.”


PR Professional. Poetry lover. Hal Hartley afficionado. Guinness girl. Brooklyn strong.

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