How sadness and joy can co-exist

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Have you ever experienced something that was truly amazing but it didn’t work out the way that you had planned or expected?

We’ve all had really bad shit happen to us.

But have we all had amazing miracles occur in our lives and yet still felt like we lost something?

I have.

When I met Stan, I knew he would be an amazing father. His smile alone would tell you the story of all the love he had to give. He was divorced after a long relationship, but had no children. We discussed the idea of having children early on…

How refusing compliments robs you of joy

Image by June Laves from Pixabay

I love your dress”…and my reflexive response is “This? got it for $12”.

Those earrings are gorgeous”…earns a polite but sharp “These are just cheap costume jewelry”.

  • Why the need for explanation?
  • Why the rude response with no intent of being impolite?
  • Why the inability to value their input and take it seriously?

My answer — I am humble.

Humility — a modest or low view of one’s own importance; humbleness

The truth — I surround myself with modesty and disappear inside it. I hide.

Without that protection…I am exposed.

With it…I am trapped and void of gratitude.

But when…

A reminder to live your best life

Last week I was stuck in Chicago at the airport. Over the course of many hours were repeated announcements holding promise of departure in another 90 minutes. With each announcement, I grew more frustrated and as it got later I realized I better grab some food before everything shut down for the night. I approached a bar that appeared open with several people eating and drinking and slid into the first open stool.

The bartender walked over and I asked him if I could order some food. He apologized explaining that the kitchen…

A legacy of love and faith

I never really had a father.

Biologically I did and now my father is a distant childhood memory, but after having children of my own I understand what it actually means to be a parent. In my childhood, I really never experienced what a true father represents.

I know now what a father’s love means to a child. I understand deeply the hurt that its absence leaves behind and how it shapes who you become as an adult.

When I met my husband Stan in 2004, I remember being struck by his sincerity and integrity, after of course noticing his…

Perspective you only get from betrayal

Image by makunin on Pixabay

It’s happened to you.

It happens to everyone.

You have been lied to.

Do you remember the doubt as the person was talking? As you were listening to them speak, was your mind doing logical arithmetic to determine the probability of truth?

Do you remember how it felt when you knew for sure?

  • that deep searing pain in your gut
  • the trembling of your hands
  • that golf-ball-sized lump appearing suddenly in your previously vacant throat
  • the evaporation of all moisture inside your mouth as if you had done a shot of sand
  • that drop in your body temperature as if…

Melissa Jurkoic is a…


Without a doubt, her hardest yet most rewarding job is being a mom to her three sons. She has great pride in her contribution to creating responsible and considerate adults for our society and takes time often to reflect on their accomplishments and growth over the last 24 years. She is a much better version of herself because of Cameron, Jacob and Anthony.

Melissa Field Jurkoic

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