How refusing compliments robs you of joy

I love your dress”…and my reflexive response is “This? got it for $12”.

Those earrings are gorgeous”…earns a polite but sharp “These are just cheap costume jewelry”.

  • Why the need for explanation?
  • Why the rude response with no intent of being impolite?
  • Why the inability to value their input and…

Perspective you only get from betrayal

It’s happened to you.

It happens to everyone.

You have been lied to.

Do you remember the doubt as the person was talking? As you were listening to them speak, was your mind doing logical arithmetic to determine the probability of truth?

Do you remember how it felt when you…

Melissa Jurkoic is a…


Without a doubt, her hardest yet most rewarding job is being a mom to her three sons. She has great pride in her contribution to creating responsible and considerate adults for our society and takes time often to reflect on their accomplishments and growth over the last 24 years…

Melissa Field Jurkoic

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