How to Immediately Reclaim your Personal Vision

Do you ever ask yourself where am I or how did I get here?

In moments of complacency it is easy to lose touch with our own desires or the life we had envisioned. Life happens. We get comfortable. Responsibilities happen. Before you know it ten years have passed by and you ask yourself is this really what life is supposed to be like? And the even more important question am I happy?

Personally, I lost myself a few years ago. I lost my vision. I found security in the comfort my life provided but I was NOT happy. Life existed in the monotony of the day to day but I would not allow myself to see beyond each and every day. Why? Everything beyond the day to day was scary! It’s scary when you realize you are not following your heart and that every desire you’ve had appears to have been forgotten. I had blinders on and these blinders protected me from the outside world and more importantly myself.

Well one day I took my blinders off and went for it. I changed my life and manifested my destiny and so can you! Here is how.

I ask you to begin by closing your eyes. Envision yourself five years ago. Ten years ago. Ask yourself are you where you thought you would be? What is different?

Now close your eyes and imagine yourself in five years. Ten years.​​ How does that place make you feel? Is your future filled with powerful energy that nourishes your soul and pushes you beyond your comfort zone. If you say yes, than that is awesome! Please share you story with me! If you say no than this is meant for you!

Lets reconnect with that personal vision that you once held onto and bring it back to life.

Let the beauty we love be what we do. Rumi

1. Get real with yourself. Dig deep. What are your true feelings?

In order to connect with our vision we need to seek inward and ask ourselves how are we feeling? Do we feel the way we want to feel? Feelings are our own personal reality. They allow us to open up to the world and they can also prevent us from moving forward. They are true indicators of how we react to others. As unique human beings we will each have our own responses to life.

2. Commit to yourself.

Once you have discovered what your true feelings are you must commit to the work that needs to be done in order to achieve your vision. This entails writing down your goals, creating a vision board, affirmations, daily self-care and writing a letter to your future self. Allot a specific amount of time time each and every day to commit to your intentions.

3. Eliminate. Eliminate. Eliminate.

In order to move forward with your vision you must eliminate everything in life that has held you back. Start by de-cluttering your home. Give away everything that no longer serves you. Assess personal relationships. Begin to establish healthy barriers in your life that will allow you to move forward. Eliminating the negative in your life will not only make room for the positive but it will increase your energy!

4. Action

The hardest step, the inner work has been accomplished. The next step is to focus on the outer work. Your vision in now in your hands and you must do the hard work to achieve it. Believe me you will reap the rewards!

Congratulations! You have now rediscovered your passion! Don’t forget to celebrate each and every step along the way. Please visit my website and share your personal stories of success with me.