The author of ‘Surviving the White Gaze’ takes on boundaries, artistic evolution, and more in her new book

For many years, Rebecca Carroll riveted us with her work as a cultural critic at WNYC and host of the podcast Come Through, which covers a series of conversations about race in America. Her essays, profiles, and cultural takes have appeared in the New York Times, The Atlantic, The Guardian

Adopting a child of color does not make adoptive parents automatically anti-racist

Abby Johnson, a Republican National Convention speaker and prominent anti-abortion activist, is a White adoptive mother who recently posted a problematic video about her biracial son. …

I’m a Brown woman adopted by a White family — and the new Netflix show helped me realize I am Latina enough

WWhen I first heard about the Netflix show Gentefied, a bilingual comedy produced by America Ferrera of Ugly Betty fame, I clicked that Add button so fast I almost dropped my phone.

Created by two Latinx writers, Marvin Lemus and Linda Yvette Chávez, Gentefied focuses on three cousins who come…

Melissa Guida-Richards

Author, TRA adoptee, & podcaster. | WHAT WHITE PARENTS SHOULD KNOW ABOUT TRANSRACIAL ADOPTION, available for preorder! |

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