Babies at Work: It’s Weird that it’s Weird
Leah Silber

It’s awesome that there are jobs that offer this where it actually works and encourages the work flow for all employees. That said, it would be my personal nightmare to work in an office alongside babies.

The (perhaps less than) healthy skeptic in me immediately scoffed at your assurance that this is, in fact, something that works. Comparing the idea of a baby at work against the notion that women were once thought inappropriate to be at work is NOT the same comparison, as a woman is a fully developed adult that can output production and a baby is a baby that requires constant attention, inherently diminishing productivity.

That’s why your links are so helpful — the Forbes article did a great job of addressing the realities of having a baby in an office: “A crying child is not ideal for meetings, conference calls and the concentration of coworkers. We had to rejigger seating to create private areas that were out of the fray which benefited both parents and the rest of our staff. That extra space needed to be factored into our costs and planning when we eventually outgrew our offices.”

On the whole, there are ways to make this work. But it takes sacrifice on everyone’s end; if an organization does it right, seems like a great answer to the age old ‘work or family’ predicament. I just know there better be a sound-proof room to take those babies!! Lol :)

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