It is an undeniable fact that the last couple of months have seen most restaurants switching to electronic time-sheets, also known as eTime-sheets. We set out to find out the reason behind this sudden transition and we discovered that spreadsheets are no longer effective in this modern age when it comes to accurate time tracking.

On the other hand, eTime-sheets provide an effective alternative for tracking both complex and simple time tracking situations. In short, a great number of restaurant owners and managers agree to one thing — an electronic restaurant time-sheet makes it extremely easy for restaurants to manage employee time and to prepare their payrolls. Some of the reasons that continue to make electronic time-sheets popular in nearly all restaurants include the following:

1. They are easy to customize

An electronic time-sheet can easily be customized according to business type or department. As a result, most restaurant managers and department heads find it easy to control how time-sheets are arranged to suit their employees accordingly.

2. They are easy to file and retrieve

An electronic restaurant time-sheet is usually stored in a single database. This means that all time-sheets get to be stored in one location and this makes it easy to generate reports to individuals and different departments of the business at large. Also, with eTime-sheets, it is easy to keep an eye on all changes. This means that restaurant managers or supervisors can easily see whenever an employee updates his or her time-sheet, or whenever an error occurs with a particular time-sheet.

3. They are easy to correct

Correcting paper time-sheet errors is time consuming and according to most restaurant mangers, the errors are in most cases detected when the payroll is already out. On the other hand, any error made on an electronic time-sheet is detected and corrected instantly. With these time-sheets, a worker can correct his or her time and the manager or supervisor will be in a position to approve the time-sheet soon after. With instant time-sheet error-correction comes fewer payroll errors, and this leads to happier employees.

4. They are easier to collect

A restaurant can have different types of employees all working in different departments. For example, the typical restaurant will have dishwashers, servers, chefs, expediters, cleaners, and so on. The more employees, the more difficult it becomes to collect their time-sheets, and consequently, the more difficult it gets to identify employees who haven’t submitted their time-sheets.

On the contrary, with an electronic restaurant time-sheet, managers and department heads can easily identify the time-sheets that are yet to be submitted. This way, they can remind the employees to submit them immediately. Some eTime-sheets even have the capacity to send automatic reminders to remind everyone to stick to the regular schedule.

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