Electronic Timesheet for Managers

Keeping track of employee time and attendance might appear like a simple undertaking, but surprisingly, the process involves much more that simply tracking employee work hours and attendance. Managers and supervisors also have to keep track of sick days, holidays, and vacations, and when a business happens to have more than a few employees, losing track of such information becomes the norm without a reliable time tracking system.

It is for such reasons that most managers have chosen to abandon manual timesheets in favor of something more high-tech like the eTimesheets, where employees get to track time and attendance online.

The first benefit an electronic timesheet provides for a business is reduced time fraud because employees are no longer able to steal time. This is unlike a paper-based system where employees can record whatever they wish. By utilizing eTimesheets, restaurant owners can be assured that they are paying employees exactly what they deserve — nothing more, nothing less.

When we talk of time theft or time fraud, we are referring to employees who accept wages for the time they have not worked. Time theft occurs through many ways and levels of severity, some of which are hard to detect, such as buddy punching.

An employee can be considered to be stealing company time whenever he or she is on the clock, but certainly not on the job. Whatever the case, you will have to pay the price of lost productivity and an inflated payroll as long as you allow your employees to keep stealing time right under your nose.

Other that curbing time theft and fraud, there are more benefits that come with tracking time and attendance online, and most of these benefits will save you a lot of money directly or indirectly, especially because when tracking time and attendance online, you are less likely to make the common mistakes that are part and parcel of manual time tracking.

Etimesheets software is simple to learn, easy to use, and most importantly, it will save you a significant amount of time. If you want to learn why modern managers are crazy about etimesheets, keep reading: Follow this link to know more about this blog.. http://zipclock.com/blog/electronic-timesheets/