Getting a Brazilian Wax?

Getting a Brazilian wax for the first time can be nerve racking. Do not worry, everything is done in a professional manner. My mission is to make you feel as comfortable as possible before, during and after the procedure. The unique hard wax I have been using for the past 7 years and my special technique make the procedure a wonderful experience. All questions you may have will be addressed at the time of the appointment. Do not try self-waxing at home. It can be dangerous, you might bruise, burn or irritate your skin and end up seeking professional help anyways.

​Things to consider before your appointment
 Let your hair grow at least 5–7 days from shaving to assure enough length. Try to exfoliate your skin before your appointment. That will help the procedure to go smoother. Some clients take ibuprofen 30 minutes prior coming in to help with the pain. However, hard wax is way less painful than conventional wax, so expect the Brazilian wax to be a lot better than any other you’ve done.

After care
 Recommendations I always give my clients for after a Brazilian wax is to avoid any physical activity, sex, or swimming for at least 24 hours. This will give enough time for pores to go back to normal and prevent breaking out. Exfoliation of the skin should start 48 hours after the waxing service, this helps the skin to stay smooth and the new hairs growing healthy. Keeping the skin hydrated is also crucial to prevent any ingrown hairs. If ingrown hairs shall arise , do not pick at them or try to extract the hairs , just exfoliate your skin and let me know what is going on the next visit.

​How often to get it done?
The hair growth cycle takes about 4–6 weeks to be completed. Most clients stay hair free for 2 weeks. Hairs start growing within the 3rd week after the Brazilian wax. Then, hairs will be ready to be waxed 4 weeks after. Usually, clients who have been getting Brazilian waxing for at least few times may increase the time they wait in between waxes, up to 6 weeks (varies from client to client).