Swarm City is buzzing with a variety of new ways to get connected in this already vast and diversified community.

Swarm City Tours launched in early January, and tours are taking place twice daily. It’s a great way to access Swarm City Slack channels, github/swarmcity and The Hive….Swarm City’s home on Facebook.

Swarm Hangouts is approaching its third edition this week, with guest Antoine Verdon, Swarm City advisor and legal expert who will help us keep pace with the latest developments regarding insurance, legal and regulatory solutions on the blockchain. Swarm members join in for lively discussion during this one hour event that will be shared on Swarm City YouTube.

Coming in February, Swarm City is brewing up a weekly podcast that will feature interesting people in our industry and experts who will help us transition into the future. Be sure to check it out!

All in all, it’s been a very busy month and the 1st quarter is moving along swiftly. We warmly invite you to explore the many ways to contribute to this monumental project. See you soon! http://slackinvite.swarm.city