Cribs Presents: New Zealand Health Innovation Hub

In order for an Innovation Hub to be considered well… what it is, it must have the following characteristics.

Firstly, technology integration is a must in today’s day and age; if someone is coming to your establishment to share their potentially ground breaking ideas then they are going to be expecting required technologies at their fingertips.

This is how your innovation hub should make you FEEL when you present something ground breaking

Design attributes can be a deal breaker! I am requesting champagne showers after I share my idea on how to cure the common cold /s — I’m not serious about this and no I do not have the cure so please continue to pop those ibuprofen tablets (at the required dosing of course). However, a certain appearance is required. Nice lighting, calming color scheme and nice looking comfortable furniture ought to do the trick.

Lastly, hosting characteristics that your hub can offer. Your employees and entrepreneurs have to feel a sense of connection between each other and the establishment. You must show your people that you support them through their journey both inside the office and out.

The innovation hub discussed here today harnesses all of these characteristics for a basic innovation hub plus much more.

The New Zealand Health Innovation Hub (NZHIH) works in collaboration with the District Health Board with the goal of developing new services or goods that have the ultimate endpoint of advancing health outcomes. This innovation hub provides information on the current health landscapes, validity of an idea’s use in the market and prospective partners or investors.

New Zealand Health Innovation Hub

Offered Services



NZHIH acts a bridge between your idea and potential partners from research and industry based organizations, the public health sector, universities and other healthcare based cohorts. The new formed relationship can help produce better health outcome at the end of the day, lower costs as the partner will have better knowledge than you on where to save money, and aid in economic gain. NZHIH wants there to be a mix between innovation and collaboration; this will only spread the possibilities of every approaching idea.



Health professionals are provided by NZHIH to give advice on if this idea is valid in today’s market, ways to design the product and different funding opportunities. The hub will help arrange an initial analysis and once results on the idea’s prospect are in, proper steps to take to have this idea pull through will be established. The aim of this service is to commercialize New Zealand’s public health sector to improve health outcomes. NZHIH will also ensure that you receive fair share of the profit from your idea once collaboration commences with these establishments.



NZHIH hosts numerous events during the year that discuss a range of topics that relate to innovation and change. These events bring understanding to new entrepreneurs on matters such as patenting their idea, regulations enforced by the government and much more. These events allow the entrepreneurs to connect to different people in the business field and learn how to set their idea and drive it forward. Information on these events can be retrieved by following this link.

NZHIH fosters innovation by attracting new people with brilliant ideas to better healthcare but do not know where to begin. The hub connects these entrepreneurs with healthcare organizations of sorts to collaborate on a project — whether it be researching different medications, products or quality of care services, and develop their ideas into a platform for new healthcare standards.

NZHIH can be replicated anywhere in the world where advancements in healthcare and innovation are promoted. Opening up health innovation hubs will attract people in the hub’s area that are interested in health related matters and have ideas on advancements. Obviously this wouldn’t be as simple as booking a library room for a few days out of the month. After acquiring all necessary licenses and networking to business and healthcare facilities, NZHIH can be replicated anywhere that meets the niche.

Innovation hubs are great because they all have the same outcome in mind regardless of the specific crowd they hope to attract — innovate, create, and advance.

Crack the case and innovate a solution to a problem you think you can fix.
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