Photo by Stephen Frank on Unsplash

One chilly afternoon last March, I passed Mama Jorge’s, a hole-in-the-wall shop swathed in embroidered shawls and crystals. A sign out front caught my eye:

“Down on your luck? We have a potion for that.”

If I went in, I would be late back to work. But who would notice…

Photo by Francesco Gallarotti on Unsplash


In the midst of all the shit

All the day-in, day-out living

The arguments the traffic the pain

Being burned, daily digested

by the horrors of this world, of your shitty life,

Something shines.

The dregs of past mistakes, bitter in your mouth,

Destroy the fibers holding you together,

Outside the glossy doors the world on fire

no one’s ready

for catastrophe

burning with the chaos

of collapse world breaks down

everybody buying enough

toilet paper and flour

take time to get your hair cut at the end of all things

inside idle gossip humming hair dryers

back beat…

Missy Lyman

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