Please accept my sincerest apologies for not being able to make the debate on Thursday. As you will read below, I attempted to coordinate a mutually agreeable time more than two months ago. Never did I think that something of this importance would be scheduled at the 11th hour. I will respond to and post my answer ASAP.

September 9

Good Morning Fellow Candidates, I cannot find an email address for Joanne so if any of you have it please tie her in to this email. I’m writing to request a meeting with the 5 of us to determine a date, place, time, moderator, and topics that we are all comfortable with. Perhaps we start with who is interested in participating then start suggesting meeting times…I’ve heard loud and clear that the citizens of Biddeford want to get to know us so let’s join together to allow them to make the best decision for the city! Best Regards, Melissa Bednarowski

September 10

Generally, how it works is that the candidates are INVITED to participate in an event, not organize their own. Past debates have been hosted by the University of New England, the Biddeford-Saco Chamber; and a coalition of media representatives from the Journal Tribune, Portland Press Herald, and Courier on public access and Bernard Featherman. I do not know if it’s appropriate for us to organize our own debate. I think we can contact these past organizers and ask if they are planning to host a debate. Just my two cents. Laura Seaver

September 10

I’m aware of how debates have generally worked in the past and this approach may be unorthodox but given the current climate I was in hopes we could show the community that we can work collaboratively as two of us five will ultimately need to work together. If there is no interest I will await the invitation. Best wishes to all, Melissa


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