Question 1

· Public bargaining has been a central focus this past term. Do you support public bargaining and would you do anything different when it comes to resolving contractual disputes?

I would begin by utilizing our city manager and director of human resources, instead of contracting a negotiator, as this approach has proven arbitrary to not be fruitful for the city or the bargaining party.

Question 2

· There was a proposal to release the names of those not paying their property taxes this past term. Do you support such a proposal and others like it such as the one put forward by Lewiston Mayor Bob McDonald to release names of those on welfare?

By law this list is public upon request, I do not believe there is a need to publish and hence publicly shame. A structured outreach to help those in need would be more useful.

Question 3

· Other cities like Portland and Bangor have considered a city ordinance to raise the minimum wage. Do you support a similar proposal in Biddeford?

The ripple effect of this action is far greater than meets the eye. I do not believe this should be handled at the municipal level.

Question 4

· Public safety has been front and center this past term including the sexual abuse case and heroin use. How will approach these issues as a councilor?

Public Safety makes up a large portion of our city budget and is an area I support wholeheartedly. My approach would be to assure each citizen has a structured and reputable place to go where they feel safe and can be provided options without judgment.

3. POINTED QUESTIONS (5 minutes)

· Ms. Bednarowski: You decided not to run for re-election a few years ago citing time commitment. Why should voters consider you committed to taking the time to fill this role now?

I did not seek reelection 2 years ago because there was a chance my job would bring me out of state. I did not want to commit to a position I would not be able to uphold. Since that time I have received a promotion that has allowed me to remain in Biddeford.

4. QUESTIONS (10 minutes)

Question 1

· Many school districts are making the transition to standards-based learning including our own, what are your plans for the Biddeford School Department to ensure that Biddeford continues to produce top-notch students?

My plan would be to optimize and efficiently manage the city-side of the budget so that the schools would not need to endure further cuts and have it assured the needs for top-notch education can be met and exceeded.

Question 2

· Some have argued a parking garage is needed to encourage further downtown development. Do you agree? If so, how is it paid for? If not, do you think parking will eventually be a problem and by not addressing it you are kicking the can down the road?

I don’t believe in putting the cart before the horse. I would support a partaking garage once the city receives a commitment from an anchor company willing to employee a large number of employees which in turn will increase the foot and automobile traffic downtown. At that time a joint partnership can be discussed.

Question 3

· As this event is hosted by DiriGo-Getters, a young professionals group in Biddeford-Saco, what do you think Biddeford has done/can do to attract more young people to live, work, and play here?

In speaking with young professionals, outside of Biddeford, in order to attract them we would need to improve the quality of our internet service and see a paradigm shift of accepting new ideas.

Question 4

· If you are not elected, what will be next for you?

Elected or not, I will continue to volunteer and give back to the community that raised me and the community I choose to reside in. In both instances my volunteerism is focused on our youth — the next generation of leaders.