February 12: Blog 3

Husband’s mother and sister died within three months of each other. Now, we are taking on the care of Grandpa, Husband’s father. Grandpa’s faculties are receding. Three years ago, Grandpa was a keen Scrabble player. Even six months ago, he still fielded quite a good game, although it was true that his word usage had simplified. Now, we turn all the letters face up, inside the Scrabble lid. This way Grandpa can make words using all the letters from the bag. Sometimes he forgets to make words on the board, and instead we line up our words in the box in tidy rows. I don’t mind. I am happy, if he is happy, enjoying the game in whatever form we can play it. It is nice to have things we can still do together, no matter how modified.

Originally published at Landslide.

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