Modern Fashion Flukes

Fashion is about setting new trends, being creative, adventurous, take risks, and overall create clothes more fashionably fabulous. Everyone’s taste differs from one another. Some may not like baggy pants and others do not want to wear tube tops. But recently I have noticed in a recent visit to Forever 21 that some clothes the store has for sale had lost its purpose. What made me dumbfounded was a sweater that was cut to the top of the chest. It only left some cloth over at most a quarter of my chest. If I remember correctly a sweater is suppose to keep you warm.

As I look more I see more ridiculous clothes for sale like shirts and sweaters with rips and holes. Why would you pay for intentionally ruined clothes? Those holes will only get bigger by natural wear and tear. Invite a moth into your house and you will get the “distressed” look naturally and cheaper.

I took the liberty to look in the Forever 21 website to see what other isane clothes are called fashion nowadays, and I was not disappointed. It was easy to find many clothes that lost their purpose or was a over exaggeration of what risks are. Here are some examples of what I saw that need to be discussed:


The word Athleisure is a combination of the words “Athlete” and “Leisure”. Wearing clothes that are meant to be worn while do active activities but wear it for everyday use. It is the same as having sweat pants and wearing them to go to a social event.

Active Cropped Surplice Top:

Just because it says “Active” doesn’t mean you actually have to run in it.

Some of the wording makes it labeled as a “Active Wear” but in reality it’s a excuse to either look cute while running or look like you’re active but you’re not really.

Forever 21 shows us the example that these active wear clothes can now be doubled as a “fashion statement” and if you feel like actually work out.


This is the most bizarre fashion trend I have seen recently in the past year. Intentional ripped clothes, with varying small to large holes. To achieve the “relaxed”, “I don’t care”, “whatever”, and “boho” attitude or look. Definitely a outrageous look to achieve. Paying a store that intentionally ruined clothes for the same price as other clothes that has NO holes or rips.

$48.00. $48.00 that can be spent on a tunic with no holes.
Those holes will only get saggier and bigger the more it is worn.

For less than half the price you can get clothes like this in a Ross, Goodwill, or the Salvation Army. Or do it yourself: Get a shirt, get scissors, and start stabbing at random areas of the cloth, stretch some out and voila you just saved yourself $20.

Outrageous Contractions:

These were risky fashion contractions that ultimately failed. These outfits were thought outside the box, WAY outside the box.

Cropped Raw-Cut Hem Hoodie

“Raw Cut” and “Cropped” doesn’t sound very fashionable. It sounds like the designer was feeling lazy and not motivated to even try to make it look wearable with anything.

The best of both worlds?

Creative? Yes. Good idea? No. This is a High-Low Flannel Plaid Skirt. Don’t you hate that you have to tie your flannel over your skirt? Now you don’t have to have separate items anymore. It’s a fusion disaster. The looks of a rocker chick but the convenience of a weird invention.

Lost Purpose:

Purpose of a outfit vs making it fashionable. That’s one of the greatest challenge of a fashion designer. Coats, sweaters, shoes, and pants are some examples of outfits that are constantly being made to look more cuter, fashionable and prettier. However I found some outfits that has lost their purpose as well as their fashion credibility.

The quarter of a sweater.

Intentionally cutting a sweater into a crop top is one thing, but now it’s getting ridiculous cut shorter, leaving only a quarter of the sweater on the chest.

Elbow-Cut Cropped Top

“Elbow-Cut”. Just why? Is the rest of your body cold but your elbows getting too hot? At a ridiculous price of $28 dollars your troubles are over!

Weird Names:

“Repurposed”, “Raw cut”, “Destroyed”. What kind of titles are they making for clothes now. Not only do they have to look weird but they are also being too literal and generally confusing. How can a sweater be “Repurposed”? The sweater has a different purpose now because it didn’t like its old one?

Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans


There are 28 pages of these ridiculous outfits. I could not stop finding more examples to rant about. Every now and then in fashion there will be fashion flukes like these. What’s sadder that someone designed these outfits is that someone actually bought and wore them.