We find ourselves in strange times. Everything we took for certain is no longer and a huge reset button has been pressed on our current reality.

Have you ever experienced a burnout? When I ran my business in the music industry I nearly did many times. I had a mindset that in order to be successful I needed to give it my all and that usually meant sacrificing my own personal needs.

What if this is our collective burnout?

What if we’ve run out of energy to feed the pace and the mindsets we are currently operating in?

When I trained to be a coach I hoped that I could master a new mindset that meant life would always be easy and in flow. That I…

The Importance Of Experiencing Our Cycles

Winter has never been my favourite season. I struggle to stay slow and embrace the darkness. I used to disappear to warmer climates and come back deflated and unable to find my way for a while. I know now that was because I disconnected from the natural flow of my environment. As mammals we are connected to nature intrinsically and when we lose touch with it we lose our focus and grounding.

January has had a busy energy this year. Everyone I speak to has hit the ground running and in creation mode already…

An Exercise To Supercharge Yourself For The Coming Year

It’s the end of a decade! With that comes a perfect time for a challenge. This one is about reflection which can help to anchor us into the present moment. We spend so much of our time thinking about the future it’s hard to remember to enjoy what’s happening RIGHT NOW!

So I’m inviting you to do a little exercise with me. First up pick a word that represents your 2019. Don’t rush this. Take a moment to pause, scanning through the months and the lessons they brought.

And how it can help us embrace more of ourselves

It’s almost been a year since my last post as I went on maternity last August and a few weeks later our baby daughter was born. Since then it’s been a whirlwind.

It’s hard to describe what it’s like to step into parenthood. For one thing where does it begin? When you decide you’re ready (if that indeed happens), when you conceive, when you give birth? The reality is a bit more like a waterfall. There is no beginning or end, just an inevitable flow through waves of emotion. …

Creating The Change You Want To See

Many people are afraid of endings. The end of the relationship. Leaving a job. Moving away. My earliest experiences of endings weren’t exactly positive. My parents divorce. My dad moving to another country. My first boyfriend’s father dying and a subsequent painful breakup. It’s the finality. The unknown. The sense that things will never be the same again.

Yet more recently endings have been different for me, just as powerful but I’ve got a better grip on them. Switching careers. Quitting destructive lifestyle habits. …

How outdated financial belief systems could be holding you back

Money is an omnipresent force in our lives. We all need it to survive yet give little thought to what it means to us. There are so many conflicting cultural belief systems around money it’s hard to decipher what’s real and what’s not.

We’ve all heard or uttered the phrases:

Money makes the world go round
Money is the root of all evil
Money doesn’t grow on trees

These kinds of attitudes can be toxic and shape the way that we behave and interact around money. We all know people who love to make money and do so effortlessly as…

The Magic Word That Everyone Aspires To

On a quick google search there are over a billion articles on how to be confident, covering everything from self grooming to thinking positive. So why is it still so elusive to a lot of us?

Confidence is one of the main focuses my clients come to be coached on. They’re looking for easy actions that can help them break through the self doubt and make them feel they can conquer anything.

Reverse Where You’re Looking For It

One of the first things I ask is what they love about themselves and the results are telling. I can’t remember one…

The power of knowing what is best for you is also best for others

The concept of doing less and achieving more isn’t new to anyone, including me, but it’s come up in a few of my client’s coaching sessions lately so I’ve paid close attention to it.

In my old incarnation in the music industry as a PR I could never have done enough work on my campaigns. I told myself this is because there was so much competition in the field. But in coaching there’s even more to compete against, yet I don’t find myself having the same problem.

Or was it because there’s an endless amount of results you can generate…

Have you ever been in a room full of people and felt lonely?

This is an experience I have often. I’m not great in big groups. When I was younger I thrived on it, but now I much prefer to connect with people on a deeper level.

This can be incredibly uncomfortable for we all have an intrinsic need to belong. Whether in big groups or one on ones, we are all social creatures with tribal roots and yet despite living in closer proximity to each other, our sense of isolation is increasing.

We are now living within more restrictive…

I know I’m not alone in my struggle with the #metoo campaign. It triggered me, even beyond my own comprehension and I just couldn’t find the words to express it.

Then a couple of days ago, when surrounded by an incredible group of women, I started to feel hopeful again as I realised we are finally living in times where its safe to share these things in public and that when we do it releases the shame.

The Impact Of Culture

I grew up in a culture that was between stories, as many of us in the Western world did. The old story was…


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