How To: Relationship

Struggling during high school, I felt like a lone wolf being the only one during lunch who was not holding someone’s hand or actively talking to someone all the time. In all honesty I didn’t have many friends and my best friend from high school had a boyfriend. So as deemed the role of someone who didn’t have many friends and wasn’t in a relationship, I became the dreaded third wheel. As I think back to it, my best friend was very generous in letting me hang out with her and her boyfriend constantly or maybe she just felt bad for me at the time but who know I’m still thankful that she didn’t send me off where I would have spent hours at the school library with all the other third wheels. At that time I never had a serious or any relationship at all and whenever I expressed that I wasn’t looking for anybody and was content to be single, I would receive shocked looks and over dramatic gasps. To this day where I am in a relationship, I still don’t understand the big deal or the neediness to constantly look for someone to be with, especially in high school. My perspective on all this is to go with the flow and be happy the way you are whether single or taken, yet I know that may not be the same mindset my peers had in mind.

I want to know everything there is to know about a relationship and how it affects us as well as what makes a healthy relationship a good relationship. This is just scraping the surface of the information I would like to research. I want to delve in deeper to marriages, as well as divorces and communications between partners etc. I want to know the ins and outs about how to make a relationship work and considering that I want to be a Marriage Counselor in the future this would be greatly beneficial for me. I also think it may also give insight to others who are interested in topic and anyone at all. Not calling myself a love doctor, I believe it can help relationships become stronger and if you are single it can help you find some information that wasn’t clicking with you in the past. Considering that I am currently in a relationship, I believe I know a good amount of what you need to make it work. However, Im curious to find out new topics and facts that I didn’t know before. I think my topic is pretty broad considering that I can include single people and taken people into my research and see what someone is doing wrong or what they are doing right.

A big topic I would like to put a lot of weight on is difference between today’s relationships and relationships in the past. Bearing in mind that this is the day and age of millennials and with that comes the internet and smart phones etc I think that has affected all relationships. As I did some preliminary research I read a post that stated that a shocking “33% of divorced couples cite Facebook as a reason for their split” (Amanda Chatel) this is something worth considering. Although I have some inferences on why today’s society puts so much pressure on finding someone, I would like to look further into it and develop my own opinion about this dilemma. Within society there is so many social media and online platforms such as Tinder, OkCupid, eHarmony and others that advise and help you start a health relationship. Does it actually work? What do the statistics look like? How does it pair two people together? There is so much that I’m interested in and would like to look into.

Though there may not be one set answer to all my questions, I would like to see the difference in opinions between them. Maybe one of my conflicting issues for the future to write about can be if differing opinions in something the couples are passionate about, such as politics, can make or break a relationship. How about if opposites really do attract or if you are more likely to have a successful relationship with someone who is similar to the other person or may have similar views on everyday topics. These are just some of the topics that I may want to write about

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