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What if other professions hired like software development?

Thanks for applying to be a Civil Engineer at Acme Building Co., we have a small at-home exercise we’d like you to complete to be considered for this position. The task is to build a small bridge over a body of water. We know everyone has a different approach to building bridges, so feel free to build any style you’d like with your preferred materials. It can be built over anything, from a small trench you dug by hand to a minor creek. It should take about three hours.

We’ve received your job application and are excited to interview you for the position of Family Physician at Health Center Hospital. The interview will be 8 hours long and will include meeting our entire staff, as well as some practice problems to determine your problem-solving proficiency. Problems will be done on a whiteboard in front of our hospital directors and will include chemistry and biochemistry problems like identifying hybridization states and lipid synthesis.

Thank you for your interest in the attorney position at Hall & Oates LLP. We’d like all candidates to complete a screener created by the latest data-driven machine-learning law hiring startup. When you click on this link you’ll be taken to a 30 minute test where you’ll read mock cases and identify different problems with them. After you take the test, we’ll let you know if you’ve been selected for a phone interview.

You’re invited to TherapyEXTREME, our invite-only recruiting event for therapists. Enjoy free pizza and beer with fun activities to meet top healthcare providers that are hiring therapists NOW. 5pm-10pm, childcare not available.

Thanks for your interest in Bueller and Co. accounting. We love to hire the most passionate accountant rock stars in the industry. In advance of the interview, please send us links to some of the side accounting projects you’ve done for fun in your spare time.

100% based on real interview experiences I or other software engineers I know have had. Thanks to Sarah for idea for the last one.

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