3 Lines of Poetry for 30 Days

Every once in awhile I take on a practice of writing 3 Lines of Poetry for 30 Days. I didn’t invent the practice. Another poet and writer, Michael K Brown, introduced me to the concept years ago. Occasionally, I’ve gone past the 30 Days- the longest run was 85 Days. You can find them all at Girl&Muse. A few of them have grown into longer poems- When You Love A Sensitive Girl started as 3 lines a few years ago. I tend to take on the practice when I’m blocked creatively or craving a structure for my writing. It is one of those simple practices that manages to stretch me and fulfill me again and again.

This is as close to keeping a journal as I have ever gotten. They tell the story of what was happening in the world and my life at the time. Healing, falling in love, creating, failing, exploring, hurting, growing. I like looking back and remembering the cast of characters that populated those moments. They make me grateful for the love and support, the lessons and completions I’ve had. They’re little 3 line reminders of the path I’ve walked and serve as a trail of breadcrumbs should I ever lose my way. xo Melissa

PS. 30 days + 1 completed.

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