Eminem’s Lame PR “Freestyle”
Bob Svagene

Every talk show gets guests who are there to plug their current movie, album, tour, or whatever is paying their bills. Without corporate money your entertainment options would be slim to none. Sports, concerts, museums, ballets, PBS, NPR, couldn’t survive without corporate sponsorship. Remember when Pearl Jam tried to buck the system? It was short but sweet. Eminem should take all the heat? Who are the organizers for a benefit to raise money after a disaster? The US government or Proctor and Gamble? No, its actors, musicians, and comedians. We praise and applaud all the money they raise, but when it comes to voicing an opinion or raising awareness they just need to shut up. How dare they waste my time of being entertained. Who wouldn’t aim for a spot with high visibility? Maybe if they just paid for a Super Bowl ad it would make it acceptable? Not a chance.

The racist label didn’t just come about due to a comment about illegal immigrants. He painted the entire Mexican community with the label of criminal. The travel ban was poorly written and enacted. Most would support a ban on countries with antiquated record keeping that has little to no background information on its citizens. It’s a greater security risk. But that wasn’t the explanation given. There seemed to be a lack of consistency to the countries being banned. Meanwhile the death toll rises from domestic terrorism. His handling of Charlottesville was disgraceful, and Puerto Rico has fared even worse. His ability to end the gun violence in Chicago hasn’t occurred. And your sex trafficking stats are a big fat lie. Arrests for prostitution are not the same as arrests for sex trafficking.

Eminem should be the uniter while the president is the divider? Obama didn’t save the auto industry? Those forgotten people? No boycotting of American companies who moved overseas? Who put profits over people, and still American consumers gobble up their goods.

There is plenty of stuff to be angry about. Taking aim at Eminem is like throwing a snowball at an avalanche and expecting a slowdown of the momentum. If he were a real sellout or corporate shill he wouldn’t have an opinion at all.

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