Sorry to disappoint you, but my shame is not some form of self-flagellation.
Kathleen Granville

I cannot feel shame for something I had no control over. I can only try to be the example of a decent human being. Not perfect, and not expecting perfection. Most people have been a victim of one thing or another. At a certain point of adulthood it no longer becomes a valid excuse for all your problems. You have the control to change and take charge of your life. You ever thought that the cop following you was looking out for your safety instead of looking at a criminal? Have you ever stopped and asked in a neutral demeanor? If it’s so bad then move. Do you know how many times I’ve been looked at like I’m a racist just for doing my job. Same job no matter what race. Instead of complaining about the sea of white faces, be happy that you have a paycheck and can pay your bills. Make a point of putting in a little bit of extra effort in getting the word out to the audience you desire. Change doesn’t come about because of a single race or gender. Did Dr. King hate white supporters? Are all men to be treated as the enemy to women? Education erodes fear and ignorance.

Do you condemn Maya Angelou for not wallowing in her victimization? It shaped her but didn’t define her. She rose above the ugliness and exposed it for what it was. I wont let the heaviness and stress of negativity deprive me of the happiness I deserve. We are the only species with the ability to wake up everyday and change our lives. You have the right to speak of your pain. Inspire and educate others as you wish. Don’t treat them in the manner you rail against. They had the same amount of control over skin color and gender as you.